The Start of 2021

As I sit here on the second day of 2021, I realize that this year is like a bull shooting out of the chute, and it's going to be all hands on deck to keep things under control. While looking at the future of 2021, I do want to take a minute to stop, pause, and look backwards at the dumpster fire that was 2020, for all the good and the bad that it brought us.

Corporation Formation

So, 2020 was a good year for the Paradox Gaming Network, as we got the C-Corporation formed and off the ground. A lot of people asked me why I went the route of the C-Corporation, instead of doing a DBA, a LLC, or an S-Corp. Without going into a ton of details, it's basically so that the Gaming Network, the Jahlon character, and the Content Creation that goes with is in one legal and financial box, and the person behind the character and the network goes into another one.

Given some of the things I’d like to get PGN able to do, it makes a lot of sense for it to be its own legal entity and separated from me. As Lord Beckett says “It's just good business.”

The good part of that business is that we have made it through 2020, completely financially secure, with a modest, but healthy, nestegg of money to start some of the early projects I’d like to do. Of course, with all things that involve lawyers and tax-men there is still a long way to go, but we are on top of it.

Twitch Partner

Not everything in 2020 was bad, shortly after forming the corporation we (and yes that we include you) were able to push the Twitch channel into the Partner Program. That in and of itself is amazing given the fact at the time the channel had right around 5,000 subscribers. Even more impressive is that the channel, in really only 6 months of serious streaming, accumulated over 3,100,000 minutes of watch time. That’s over 51,000 hours of programming absorbed by the community.

To put that into perspective, every hour of programming I streamed last year was watched for 106 hours, which lines up pretty neatly with the 108 average viewers average for the same timeframe. I couldn’t be happier with the results on Twitch.

Goals for 2021 on Twitch - In order to create time for everything I want to do in 2021, I’m dropping down to 3 shows per week on Twitch, but increasing each show to 5 hours. So, one show per week is dropped, but that is only going to result in the loss of 1 hour of streaming. That will create an extra day each week for me to focus on other things.

I also want to hit the following milestones for entertainment

Live Views - 250,000

Minutes Watched - 7,500,000 minutes

End of Year Follower Count - 15,000+

I will update you guys at the end of each quarter as to how we are doing with those milestones.

Youtube on the Back Burner

Just as not everything was bad in 2020, not everything was good. The YouTube channel did less than 50% of the business it did in 2019, and the growth was minimal at best for the year. That is not to say there is anything to be discouraged about. As you guys know, you only have 86,400 seconds a day to make things happen, and making the Corporation happen, the Twitch Partnership happens, as well as continuing to make YouTube videos in the back half of the year, showed us where a lot of improvement needed to be made. Changing up the script, more B-roll, shorter videos on smaller chunks of topics, these are the things that will lead to success in 2021.

Goals for 2021 on YouTube - For YouTube nothing crazy for the year, pretty much the same goals we had going into 2020, just this time we are going to do it going into 2021.

I want to hit the following milestones for engagement:

Views - 1,500,000

Watch Time - 250,000 hours

End of Year Follower Count - 25,000+

I will update you guys at the end of each quarter as to how we are doing with those milestones as well.

The Other YouTube channel

Those of you that hang out and follow my show and my brand know that in late 2020 I spun off a second YouTube channel called Jahlon On. As I get a little bit more seasoned (that’s a nice way to say older) I realized if something happened to me, I’d not be able to leave advice to my kids. Some of the Jahlon On Channel is content creator advice, some is real world advice, some is just ramblings of an aging man.

There are probably some mistakes I”m making with blending my content creation advice with my random real world advice, but that’s ok. Mistakes are part of the game.

This week’s video for example, is on Content Creation. Probably has some value to some content creators, but they probably won’t want to hear about next week's video if it is on a book I recommend. Depending on what happens with the Content Creation advice part of the channel I’ll spin that off. Don’t really want to have 3 brands though, so we will see what happens.

Off to a good year

And that is it. Hopefully we will have a good 2021. Everyone keep the volume down, keep your hands to yourself, nobody claim 2021 as ‘your year” and hopefully we can get life and society going back to something that looks like normal again.