The Blog is Back in Business

Remember a long time ago when I made that Jahlon On Video about only having 86,400 seconds a day and you have to spend each one like it's the most precious commodity (because it is)?

Ok, so I’m going to pretend like you don’t remember that video. So first and foremost that video is here:

Secondly, I will get back to making Jahlon On content.

Third, the reason why my content has been all over the place is because I have too many irons in the fire. Which is sometimes a good thing, but other times a bad thing. Sometimes you need to focus on one thing at a time, and getting enough of PGN Music’s files done to open the Spotify Channel was a big part of what I was working on. The channel is now officially open and you can check that out here:

So, if you like Jazz or Epic Orchestra Music, give it a listen. In fact, do more than that, share it with your groups, your guilds, your favorite creators (the music is DMCA Free). Next up is some Celtic Tavern Music. That’s going to be a treat.

With that said, now I can get back to working on things on a more cyclical basis, and one of those things is the monthly blog. I didn’t realize it's been two months since I wrote a blog entry. Sometimes I think the blog is a waste, but other people have told me they have missed it, so if it brings some joy to just a few people then it is certainly worth doing, since it also acts as a milestone marker for me as to what I’ve accomplished on a week to week basis.

Ashes of Creation

For those of you who have been watching Ashes of Creation’s development over the past few years, we actually managed to hit a major milestone while I’ve been preoccupied. Alpha 1 has been going for about three-weeks now and it has been a major success. Now, keep in mind that when you talk about the success of an Alpha you have to realize that it is not a finished product. An Alpha (especially a Western Alpha) is meant to be a testing ground to ensure different parts of things actually work.

I’ve had a lot of fun testing the game with the Paradox Community and we’ve had quite a few people both join us for testing and sign up for Ashes and help support the Network.

For anyone looking for the July Update for Ashes that is here:

And some in-game footage can be found here:

If you are just learning about Ashes of Creation and you have not made your account yet, please consider using this referral link: Costs you absolutely nothing to use, but it helps financially support the Paradox Gaming Network so I have money to do things like giveaways for subscription time when Ashes launches.


Another game that we cover as a guild is the game Fractured. Fractured had some problems earlier this year with their Spring Alpha, mainly getting the siege mechanic out in a timely fashion. They sort of missed their window of opportunity; however, it looks like in the second half of September there is going to be another round of testing. If you want to check out what they have planned for a fall, check out their Roadmap to the Fall Alpha 2021 article.

They have made a ton of changes including changes to enchanting (now called imbuing), Enchanting (which is now something new) new abilities (including NECROMANCY!!!!!), and changes to the PvP rules, drop rules, etc.

If you missed my coverage of Fractured Earlier this year you can check out this video to get caught up on this Isometric Downward looking open world MMOARPG.

If you know anyone who is going to be buying into Fractured Testing, remind them that Code JAHLON or Code PARADOX will save them 10% at checkout.

On a special note, I will always be thankful to Dynamight Studios for setting me up with my first ever community discount code.


Launching on 29 September is Elyon, and that makes for a special birthday present for me! If you missed my coverage of Elyon Earlier this year you can check it out here:

Now, The Team at Elyon has done their very best to make sure there is no P2W. Sadly, however; they ended up offering up to a 3 day head start in the founder’s packages. This hasn’t endeared them to the player base who was counting on them to not have any P2W, and a lot of players see a three-day head start as major P2W.

I plan on covering the P2W vs Head Start issue when Closed Beta 2 Starts. Be on the lookout for some of that.

Steampunk Dreams

As I said earlier, all of Steampunk Dreams is finished, at least the music side of it. I only have 6 of the 20 songs on YouTube, but that’s because I’m waiting on the money to be able to pay the artists to cover art. The good news is that now that I’m on Spotify it opens up another avenue of zero cost income for the Paradox Gaming Network. Hopefully we can eventually get the songs to start to be utilized so they can generate their own income stream, which will then allow us to make more music, pay for more art, do more Stream Alerts and Emotes.

Fiction Reading Material

Another thing that has kept me busy and away from you guys is that I’m reading a lot again. Thanks to a great recommendation I’m reading the Belgariad series. I’m actually on the first book of the second series, but we can’t get ahead of ourselves.

If you like Fantasy Fiction (Magic) you might want to check out this book by David Eddings.

**Yes this is an Amazon affiliate link, and I do get compensated if you purchase it through my link. That’s another one of those zero cost income things**

Non Fiction Reading Material

For your professional development this week I recommend Leading Change by John Knotter. This is a change management meets leadership book. It's been a few years since I made my way through his 2 part series. Expect a Jahlon On on this book series sometime in the future. No promises for immediate fulfillment.

**Yes this is an Amazon affiliate link, and I do get compensated if you purchase it through my link. That’s another one of those zero cost income things**

Epic Games - Free Game of the Week

I know some of you are going to say you hate EGS and you’d never use it. That’s fine. If you REALLY hate them, claim all the free games they give away and never spend a dime there.

This week they have Mothergunship and Train Sim World 2 for Free.

MOTHERGUNSHIP is a bullet-hell FPS where you craft your own guns, fight huge bosses, and defeat a robotic alien armada that conquered Earth. Face off against overwhelming odds in brutal, non-stop combats where thinking on your feet is the only way to survive.

The evolution of train simulation! Master iconic locomotives on high-speed services, long freight hauls or precise commuter traffic, and get creative with customisation tools in this advanced sequel. Climb into the cab in Train Sim World 2.

So, I mean if you are bored, and looking for SOMETHING you can get something to keep you entertained, and on the off chance you do make a purchase from EGS, if you don't’ already have a favorite creator, then use Code JAHLON27. Won’t save you anything, but it's another one of those zero cost income things.

Content Creation Advice

I hope to do a few more Content Creation Advice pieces here soon™ but if you are a creator and you need help you can hit me up on Discord at Jahlon#0001