The Birth of Steampunk Dreams

Late in the day, but let’s knock out the blog so you guys know what I've been up to this week.

Broken Monitor - Less than Stellar Samsung Service

Can you believe that I am still messing around with Samsung and the monitor issue? They tell me everything is now done and I will get the refund sent out this week. We can only hope. I'm not 100% sure though since I've gotten two emails that say there are "problems" with the return of the monitor, which they have had in their possession since 28 January 2021. I am enjoying the new monitor, but sadly not as much as the old Samsung one. Those QLED monitors are amazing, but I can’t really in good faith buy products from a company when their customer support is this bad. Its a shame too, because I have another pair of Samsung monitors downstairs. Well, they've lost a customer for life, which is how consumers need to think and act. If you never vote with your wallet, companies will never change.


I am back on my usual production schedule, with at least one video coming out each week on my Gaming Channel. This week's was a viewer response video. A viewer had asked a bunch of questions about Guilds, and while I talked about this question on my Twitch I wasn't happy with the segment, so I redid it on YouTube.

This is one thing I'm going to have to get better at. Making sure that the segments that I do can be chopping up and brought over to YouTube neat and clean. While a number of people do watch my shows as Podcasts, the growth and mileage out of promotable videos would go much further than having to redo everything. 50% touch time would result in 200% production.

I have a video coming out this week on Karma Bombing for Ashes of Creation. I’ve been editing all day, but since I had to do a visual/graphic break down the editing takes a long time. This one should be ready for early review later on Sunday or on Monday morning. Twitch viewers will get to see it in advance, which is always my goal.


We had a wonderful week on Twitch, including dueling gift subscribers last Monday. At one point during the show we had more subscriptions given out than we had viewers. It was a 2420% increase in subs. Yes, you read that right, 2400 PERCENT increase in subs. That money is going to good use as it is funding a new project, more on that in just a moment.

We also threw on a fourth show this week for Stream Raiders PvP.

Visual Redesign

I had a great meeting with John from Visuals by Impulse. Sadly, I won’t be using their studio at this time. For a redesign at their quality it was going to take over $5000 for just the alert widget. Now, before anyone jumps up and down and says that's a rip off, remember nothing is cheap in this world. VBI not only does custom animations, but they do custom code and custom solutions.

You get what you pay for when it comes to quality, and I will one day make enough money in a month of streaming to cover a redesign such as that; however; at the end of the day I think a different product is more important to support. Every dollar that the Paradox Gaming Network makes I weigh carefully what do with. While a $10,000 Twitch redesign would be amazing, I don't think its what we need right now. I think the company needs to invest in things that will help make more passive income.

With that said, we were faced with the dilemma that the Twitch channel does in fact need a redesign. So I am happy to announce that I have contracted Kong Vector to do a redesign on the Stream in the meantime, and let me tell you they have certainly delivered. I’m going to give you a little sneak peak of what they have shown me, and they produced this in just one day.

I’m stoked to see how the rest of the redesign will look especially since I need the stream to be on point when Ashes of Creation’s NDA free week starts in March.

Jahlon On

No Jahlon On video this week. I’m still busy trying to get a bunch of other things done. I do need to get better about working on these vlogs instead of vegging out playing 7 Days to Die or Heroes of the Storm.

I’m sort of all over the place with projects, but I will tell you I'm finally executing Steampunk Dreams.

Steampunk Dreams

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Fantasia fan. I love Fantasia, I love the idea of telling a story with picture and music and no words. With that said, I’m going to treat you guys to a sneak peak into Steampunk Dreams.

This is a draft copy of some artwork being done in conjunction with this song which is finished. Stare at the picture, listen to the music and let your imagination run wild.

I currently have 6 of the 19 songs for the project ordered and with different composers, and I have 2 of the 19 pieces of artwork on order. In the end I plan on making the music DMCA and free to use for anyone, much like Harris Heller did with Alpha Gaming/Senpai Records. That is going to take a while; however, as getting onto Spotify as an artist/publisher isn’t as easy as loading music to YouTube. Nothing worth doing is ever easy.

Overall I imagine the project is going to cost about $5000 so I will be able to get to a certain point of completion and then will have to wait for more money to come in. That’s what is amazing about this community. Your continued generosity funds projects like this, however, that doesn’t mean I’m being lazy. I am looking for other ways to get funding.

99 Projects by Arizona Ice Tea Finally, I’m sharing with you guys the video I did for 99 Projects. Hopefully Arizona will pick my project and fund a little bit of it so I can get all the artwork and all songs ordered and this first project completed.

My end goal would be to then find an animation studio that is willing to work with me about turning it into a Fantasia like project. To be honest, I might even approach Disney with the idea when everything is put together. Dream Big Right?