Successful Extra Life Campaign

Jahlon had a successful Extra Life Campaign and 24 hour livestream over the weekend raising $3,125 for Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. Big thank you to everyone who supported the campaign, and by support that does not just mean financial support. There were several people who hung out with Jahlon for the full 24-hours, which is huge considering how taxing a 24-hour livestream can be.

The Paradox Community has shown its resolve, overcoming technical issues twice during the show. The first happened during the first hour where none of the overlays or alerts were working. A very quick audible occurred and the technical issues got resolved. Then later in the show, after doing way too many things with the machine, the stream had to be restarted.

The livestream VODs are available here: Unfortunately, due to the sound collar Jahlon wears some of the music he was listening to was picked up by the microphone which led to copyright claims on the YouTube version of these videos, so there will be no port over to YouTube.

This charity campaign will be the last one for the year for the Paradox Gaming Network. This year we have done Operation Supply Drop and Extra Life, hitting both goals. If anyone would like to make a donation to the campaign that link is available here:

As a special note, if you set aside one quarter per week, just $0.25 by next Extra Life you will be able to donate $12 to the cause. It does not seem like a lot, but if the entire community donated $12 a piece, that would be an enormous amount of money for the campaign. Just something to keep in mind, as you can probably find one quarter a week on the ground if you look hard enough.

Next year Paradox Gaming will start planning Extra life in the Early Fall to have a better set up so we can set a bigger goal. See you then!