Starting off 2022 Strong

9 January 2022

I hope everyone is having a great week. I’m having a mostly great week. I don’t like the cold, but I can manage. The cold just means I stay inside and do more Content Creation Work.

I want to thank the entire Feedback Team on my Discord. We’ve come up with some really good ideas for the Twitch Show in regards to channel points. We are still working on that as a team, so if you have any good channel point suggestions, pop over to the Discord in the #feedback channel and leave your suggestions.

With that said, I want to give a shoutout to UMIGHTWANNADUCK from Twitch for the $50 Donation. The alert didn’t go off due to some problems on Twitch’s end, but that $50 will go directly into the PGN Music Fund. I also want to give a big shout-out to the 11 Patreon Sponsors we have. They are listed at the end of every video, but they deserve a shout-out. Without them, a lot of the projects that this community does wouldn’t be possible. So thank you to everyone who helps us financially with that.

Now, onto the recaps

Extra Life - $5,000 Goal for 2022.

The Extra Life Campaign is already up and running for the year. The PGN, INC page is

I’m hoping to do one Extra Life Event Quarterly this year. I’d like to walk into Game Day in November with the full $5,000 raised and then everything on Game Day is gravy. I will be looking for ideas on milestones and incentives. I have a few ideas for incentives, but I want to make sure I can execute them before I put them up on the board. If you have a good idea for an incentive, please share it on the Discord.

PGN Music -

Big thank you to everyone who has gone over to the PGN Music YouTube Channel and subscribed. We are currently at 354/1000 on that channel. It's going to take a bit to get monetized there, but oddly enough that Channel does better than the gaming channel sometimes. For all my fellow content creators, this music is all DMCA Free / Copyright Free so you can use it on your streams and in your projects.

I do have 2 different projects in work over at Fiverr for the PGN Music creation. One Jazz and one Sci-Fi/Chill/Steampunk adventure. Both of these artists are part-time Fiverr artists, so I’m not expecting these projects to be done before March. I am going to be starting another projects soon, but I want to ensure I have all the money I need in the bank before we start.

If you haven’t Subscribed to the PGN Music Channel yet, please head over to and subscribe and then let me know which type of music you are looking for.

YouTube - Segment Scenes are Working

I want to thank everyone who has been supporting the Segment Scenes during the Twitch Shows. These have been turning into good YouTube videos. The YouTube channel needs a lot of work though. The growth has been stuck at about 16,200 subscribers for the past 2 years. I need to find other content to make, so that I can branch out from just doing Ashes of Creation content.

My goal is to keep doing segment scenes, although knocking out two in one week really helps towards the 26-32 goal for the year. I also plan on putting out an Ashes of Creation video every Tuesday. The nice part is that it's 9 January and I already have the videos for the 11th and the 18th done and up on YouTube. That takes the pressure off me and let’s me do better YouTube video creation since I’m nearly 3 weeks ahead of the game.

The good part is a few little changes in the video creation has led to hundreds of comments per video. That’s what I’m really interested in. I know other YouTubers want views, but I’d rather have comments. A small audience is ok with me if it's an audience willing to share thoughts and ideas.

Also, I’ve gone back to putting up the full Twitch Shows on YouTube. I don’t expect these videos to get a ton of views, but for the core audience that likes to listen to them while they work, drive, etc, they are there. There is a new playlist for them, so it's only the 2022 stuff, with the most recent on top.


The livestreams are going great. This week I’m going to be doing a World of Warships Campaign. I told the community about these before, there is a lot of money to be made doing the campaigns that show up now and again. I like World of Warships, so I’m going to play it 3 times in the coming week, which will be above and beyond shows. I will give you guys more details how to support the campaign later this week.

Also, my shows are posted in Discord now, so if you see the Event go live, you know what’s going on.

Ashes of Creation

This week’s ashes of creation video is on Mass PvP. Is 500 vs 500 a reality. I think Intrepid has showcased some really powerful stuff in regards to how they are making large fights a reality. This video breaks out what Intrepid is doing and how they are striving to have the largest fights in a fantasy based MMORPG.

Content Creation

Finally, my content creation coaching. This is going pretty well, on a small scale. I’ve worked with 5 amazing creators this week, doing channel audits and giving advice. Sadly, this means I didn’t get the rewrite of the Community Building Article or the new video done.

Honestly, I think helping creators is more important, but this week I'm carving out some time to do the rewrite an the video.