Sorry for the long break

So, I apologize for my long absence between blog entries, but life threw a fastball in my face a few months ago and I needed to put all my energy, attention, and resources into that. Now that life has taken its foot off the lion’s neck, I have a little bit of free time to swing in and do a blog entry.

With that said, this Blog Entry is going to be a massive catch up for a lot of things, starting with item number one: I’m not committing to a weekly blog entry anymore. Sometimes I will write one, sometimes I may not. I think it's important to work on my content first, then promoting that content, and then recapping that content.

With that said, the big thing we have going on right now is the PGN Music Spotify Channel. While I was gone on my break, I had a lot of projects going at Fiverr, and by the time my break was over all those projects were ready to bloom. I also had a lot of love and support from people who didn’t discontinue their Patreon, Twitch Prime Subs, etc. So we had a lot of money to work on a lot of things. I’m very happy to say we have an amazing Epic Orchestra Christmas Album up on Spotify just in time for the holidays.

We also have the Fantasy Tavern Album that we produced to help our Friends at the Golden Feather have some DMCA Free background music, I’ve also one a Chill & Lo-fi album, a Trance Album, and of course the other stuff that was up and ready before the break happened. So if you are looking for DMCA Free, No Copyright Music, PGN Music may have some solutions to your music needs.

Next up is Extra Life and I am so proud of the community. Despite it being a Covid-19 Pandemic Year, the Paradox Gaming Network Community pledged $2,559 to Extra Life and the Children’s Miracle Network. Very proud that the last 2 years PGN has been the #2 fundraiser on the Intrepid Studios Team.

Next up is Ashes of Creation and Archeage video game coverage. I left just as Alpha One for Ashes of Creation was ending. Since I’ve been back I’ve put out four Ashes of Creation Videos with the most recent one being a 2021 Update and Alpha 2 Expectations Video.

I’ve also changed up how I do my streams now, so that my stream content can turn into YouTube content a lot easier, which is the trick that every content creator needs to know. How do you get more miles out of content?

Archeage is also now under the management of Kakao Games, and Kakao has demonstrated with Elyon that they are willing to do as much as they can to make the game more palatable to the Western Audience. Elyon was a very imperfect game to start with, and I give Kakao a 10/10 on their efforts. I give Elyon a 4 out of 10, but I don’t blame publishers for the fallings of developers.

I’m kinda hoping they slow down on AA, but I think the ship has already set sail on this, but I think Kakao needs to consider delaying AA Fresh Start for all these reasons

Moving on, I’ve also been very happy with our Stream Raider Success. The team over at has an amazing product, and I”m happy to support it. In our first PvP tournament after my break we won another $100 in Amazon Gift Cards and 2 Headsets. I turned the $100 into skins for the community, and dropped in enough money to unlock a Shadow Skin, so basically PGN will have 2 new skins in the next month or two. We will be doing another PVP on Tuesday 30 November, so I hope you turn out for that and we can have some fun, and maybe win another tournament.

As far as Content Creation help, I managed to get a video done with everything else going on, and I’ve joined an amazing Twitch Creator’s reddit called Twitch Startup. Lots of energy there and on the Discord. So if you are a small streamer, this is a place for you to go. With that this week's focus point is

Finally, I read an amazing book on my hiatus. I highly recommend A Deadly Education By Naomi Noviak. It's like Harry Potter where they start as Teens and way more well, Deadly. You can get it on Amazon via this affiliate link