So many things to update you on

Jahlon On - Samsung (The Conclusion of our Broken Monitor Saga)

So usually the Jahlon On Part of the blog is at the end, but this week it got moved up to the top, because we have finally reached the end of this saga. After 25 Business Days, 36 Calendar Days I finally got my refund check.

While there were some part of this process, shout-out to Samantha from their Social Media support team, that were awesome; I can say that Samsung has lost a lifelong customer. We currently have 7 Samsung monitors in the house and the thought of buying anything other than a Samsung was a foreign concept to me. I talk about that a bit more here.

And from the video, this is the replacement monitor I got.

Ashes of Creation

To throw a little update on Ashes of Creation in here, we are quickly approaching the testing this month.

Expect my content creation schedule to fluctuate around a bit during the Alpha 1 Testing week.


So in 2016 I started off as a YouTuber and in 2017 I became a streamer and I always thought that was the way it was going to be; however, this week I have made the decision to flip-flop with the priority and turn streaming into my priority and YouTubing as my secondary, at least for the time being.

I find that I am a much better live entertainer than I am a video maker.

That’s not to say I’m giving up on YouTube. Not at all. What it does mean is that I’m going to try to focus on my YouTube creations coming from my Stream Creations. Which will require me to get better at Streaming so more of the segments are useable.

For example this video

Instead of putting up one 5 hour video on YouTube, I chopped out three segments from it so I have Saturday, Monday, Wednesday content. When I pull out a Segment from Monday and a Segment from Wednesday, I’ll be moving ahead. If I have shows that have 2 or more segments I can use, I can start putting out a daily little segment.

Sure, that might hurt my numbers a little bit because some people were watching the entire 5 hours of the livestream, but I think this might work better.


Twitch is going really really well lately. I’m starting to get into my groove, I have the computer set up, I have the new monitor set up, I do need to turn and adjust the lights a little bit, but things are working well. Plus, like I just said, if we can continue to chop up segments, then it mean the Twitch Show is going to be better off for a higher level of quality so that’s going to translate directly into higher quality for YouTube. I really do see this as a win/win.

Maybe I stick with it, maybe its just a for now as I grow more as a creator. Either way, it certainly can’t hurt.

Kong Vector

I am stoked to be able to share this with you guys. It is the preview video from my Kong Vector rework.

I’m sharing it via my blog today and I’ll push it out via other sources tomorrow.

I wanted to share this with the blog readers since I have to keep something special for you guys.

Steampunk Dreams

So I was able to finish writing Chapter 1 of the Steampunk Dreams novel this week. Yes, I’m writing a Novel on top of all the other stuff I’m working on. I have shipped off that Chapter to the composer to work on the work. I’ve also got my eye on an artist that I want to use for some future content, but not chapter 1. I don’t think so. I need chapter 1’s art and score to be exquisite so it draws people in.

With that said Chapter 5 - The Lost Child is now live on YouTube.

Where are chapters 3 and 4 you ask? Well you don’t get those as a sneak peak. For two reasons

I only want to tease you with a few pieces of the project in advance

  1. I don’t have Chapters 3 and 4 done yet.

I do what to share this art with you directly though and I invite you to look at it

And now go back and look at it again. Look at the drawing on the floor under the boot. Look at the pictures on the desk. The artist on this piece absolutely blew me away.

When people ask me where the money from my streaming is going, this is where it is going. Paying artists and composers on Fiver to produce a story. It's going to be something amazing like a Steampunk version of Fantasia.

Remember last week when I said chase your dreams? Well my dreams are filled with steampunk automatons and gadgets and gizmos.

Spring Shop - Merch

So a while back I had a Design by Humans shop. I want to say that they were a great place for getting started with merchandising; however, they were slow to adapt to the modern world. We live in a world with a need for masks, and who better to be on a mask than the one, the only Steampunk Sniper?

The shop is currently up here

And I am working on bringing back the old chibi logo with the Paradox logo, i’m just running on empty for time right now and it will be one of the things I get to next week, month, year, sometime.