So I forgot it was Sunday

So I am not embarrassed in the slightest to say it's 4 pm on Sunday and I didn’t know it was Sunday.

Ever have that nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something? Well, I’ve been sitting here all day wondering what it was that I was forgetting. DUH! It's SUNDAY you have a blog to write.


It was a good week over on YouTube. We had a two-fer video week. The First Video was my Ashes of Creation 2021 Update.

The other was the Creative Director Letter Review.

Not going to lie, these were a little harder than normal. Not because making the videos was harder than normal, but because I’m trying to learn more and more about what it takes to grow on YouTube. I’ve been spending a lot of time with Thumbnails, the art and science of descriptions, tags, viewer retention, etc. I think there are some improvements on some of the older thumbnails I'm going back and redoing. We will have to wait and see

You, yes you the reader, and every other member of my YouTube community deserves a better product. So not only experimenting with B-Roll but also working with making things better so the channel grows better.

That’s not to say I’m going to do things the way other content creators do. No. I’m going to continue to hold the line on authenticity in the videos, I’m just going to try to market them a bit better so the community grows.


Twitch is Twitch and the shows are going good. This was the first week that I dropped down to the 3 show week, and I have to say that’s probably what threw off my weekend. Since I didn’t stream yesterday, I was thinking today was Saturday.

I’m looking forward to reaching out to a design studio to sort of do the alerts I’m looking for. Trying to find an independent artist to make the alerts has been difficult. Once a few more bits and pieces are taken care of, I will sit down with a professional studio and start the full Twitch revamp. I need to get someone contracted who can just take care of all this stuff for me. I’m not good at talking to artists, because I have no artistic ability.


With that said, the usual Fiver artist we use for projects has come through for us again and crushed it with the new Streampunk Sniper T-Shirt Design.

This bad boy is up over at Design By Humans:

Mine will be delivered in about a week and then I’m going to rock that bad boy on stream.

Jahlon On

As you guys know I run a second YouTube channel called Jahlon On. It's mostly my personal Vlog (oh my God, I just admitted to have a Vlog), but I put all sorts of other stuff up there like Content Creation Advice, books that should be read, and this week a little something about E pluribus unum.

The United States of America desperately needs a statement. We need a Cincinnatus. We need someone who will leave their farm and come out of retirement, solve the problems, and then return control back to the people. I’m available, but I don’t own a farm.

Comic Short

I even did a little comic short clip this week regarding something that was said during the Stream Raiders livestream. Hopefully you find some humor in this.

Here’s looking forward to a good week and hopefully I’ll remember the blog on time next week