Missed a Week; Now Back on Track

I do apologize for not putting out a blog last week. I had a lot of bits and pieces going on, and I was busy with something really important. Setting up my new PC.

New PC - Props to Origin

Origin PC gets a 10/10 on their delivery and service. The new PC arrive on time, even though Origin had asked for a 2 week extension.

I managed to get everything set up, but even today I had to run downstairs and grab some files from the old machine, so getting set back up for Content Creation has been a slow process. Which is why I missed last week’s blog.

I will say the premium paid for Origin to put the thing together has already paid off. I had an issue connecting my sound collar to my new PC. It took the Origin Tech Support less than 5 minutes to correct the issue for me. It wasn’t even their issue; it was a PICNIC (problem in chair; not in computer) issue. Then again, I’ve never heard of an antenna for your Bluetooth.

Broken Monitor - Less than Stellar Samsung Service

So the saga of my broken monitor continues.

So on 27 January I UPS’d my monitor back to Samsung. On 28 January they received it and I was told it would be 4 business days before they shipped it back. So 29 Jan (1) and then 1/2/3 Feb (4) days. I figured it would be shipped out the morning of 4 Feb (Thursday) and arrive on Friday for a total of 6 business days.

On 8 Feb I called the repair center to ask about the status and I was told that on 29 Jan the repair center said they could not repair the monitor and it had to be replaced, but I had to give the claims center 2 business days to investigate the issue and that they would call me back. On 10 Feb I called them back since I didn’t receive a call, and I was told they couldn’t replace the monitor because they didn’t have it in stock and they were going to give me a refund. I then got hung up on.

After calling back, and Tweeting at them, I got offered a refund. The refund is now pending and I’m hoping to get it sometime soon™.

So since I’m getting a refund I decided to get a new monitor. I settled on a ASUS TUF Gaming VG32VQ1B 31.5” Curved Monitor, WQHD (2560 x 1440), 165Hz (Supports 144Hz), 1ms, FreeSync Premium/Adaptive-sync, Extreme Low Motion Blur, HDR10, HDMI DisplayPort, BLACK

This is the item I got, and since I’m an Amazon Affiliate I’m going to shamelessly give you the Affiliate link to the monitor I bought. Yes, I get a kickback and yes that kickback goes to support the channel.


Now that I have the monitor; I can get back to making YouTube content.


I had a little bit of a delay in getting my YouTube creator routine going again with the new PC upgrade and the monitor debacle. I can tell you right now though that I have 2 Ashes of Creation videos coming out. One is going to be on Karma Bombing and the other one is going to be on Guilds and joining guilds this early in the process. Be on the lookout for those this week (hopefully).


If you had asked me years ago if I thought being a YouTuber or a Twitch Streamer was harder, I would have said being a Twitch Streamer was harder; however, now that I’m streaming on a regular basis I can tell you that going live with a mic and camera is way easier than producing a YouTube video once you get used to it.

What shocks me is that in 6 weeks I’ve had over 8,000 hours of watch time on Twitch. That’s a lot of watch time, that’s like 340 days of watch time. Yes, I’m aware my average viewer count has slipped under 100 and that’s ok because we get about 500 visitors per show, and we get a lot of people who show up for a little bit and then have to leave. So, if you haven't stopped by the show recently, pop on over.


Visual Redesign

I’m going to be having a meeting this week with Visuals by Impulse (https://visualsbyimpulse.com/) Going to be doing something custom for Overlays and Alerts, assuming we can reach a price that doesn’t break the bank. These guys do amazing work, so hopefully I can get them to do that custom work for me because man I just do not have time to learn Adobe After Effect or any other programs.

Jahlon On

This week I was able to produce a Jahlon On video on Time Management, specifically the article “Who’s Got the Monkey”

If you have not previously seen this article, I suggest you check it out here: https://hbr.org/1999/11/management-time-whos-got-the-monkey

Well more specifically I suggest you check out my video on the article, then read the article, because you know, shameless self-promotion. Seriously though, this article is one of the best management/time-management articles I read during my time in the United States Air Force.