Lots of Projects; Lots of Successes

What a busy two-weeks it has been. It seems like we are in a constant state of work, recovery, work over here. Lots of extra streams, lots of game reviews, lots of having fun with different activities. Let’s dive into a little recap.

Game Testing


So we had the opportunity to do some Elyon testing last weekend. While the start of the testing was a little rough, Kakao did manage to put on an amazing CBT1 event for showcasing Elyon. The review I did for it is here:

I did a Cons and Pros video since I know that people want to know the bad upfront so they know if it's an automatic walk away from them. Is that a good way to do marketing? Not at all. Good Marketing is to talk up all the good stuff and then make sure to disclose all the bad stuff as quickly as possible. For me it's not about building random hype. For me it's about ensuring that people get an authentic and honest review of the game.

Sword of Legends Online

I was sorta excited for Sword of Legends Online, mainly because a rising tide lifts all boats, and the MMORPG genre is at a critical break point of low tide. I woke up early on Friday to cover SOLO, and I have to give them credit I had absolutely zero problems getting into the Alpha event. Beyond that though, I wasn’t really impressed with the game. Maybe it was due to the fact I was just coming off Elyon and I thought the Elyon Combat was just better.

I couldn’t really get into the flow of the game, but if you want to check out the Twitch VOD its here


Ashes of Creation

Ok, so Ashes of Creation had some stumbles, bumbles, and fumbles this week, but it was not nearly as bad as some people wanted to make it out to be.

So yes, Intrepid Studios did put up Alpha 1 for Sales on May 5. Yes, Intrepid Studios did delay the NDA drop on May 10th. https://ashesofcreation.com/news/2021-05-10-alpha-one-schedule-update however, if you read the article there was still testing scheduled for this weekend, which was the updated weekend for Alpha 1 testing. The testing is all under NDA so I can’t talk about anything related to that, but I did go over the delay announcement, but in a video and live on Twitch.

Ashes 101

Speaking of Ashes of Creation, shout-out to my Discord for helping me with Ashes 101 and the editing, revamping, and other tender loving care on Ashes 101. https://ashes101.com/

Yet another

Streaming, Stream Raiders, and more

So, while I try to consider myself a cross-platform content creator, the truth is more and more it's just easier to do livestreaming on Twitch. The production flow is easier. That’s not to say I’m going to abandon making YouTube videos. I’m going to continue making YouTube videos, since they are a vital part of any creator's discoverability. I’m just hoping the NDA on Ashes drops soon, or some other stuff happens so that I can have something I can dig my teeth into for YouTube content.

With Stream Raiders we did very well this week, we went 17-12 and we had an amazing last man standing clip.

Also shout-out to Wolfessmoon, she managed to win one of the PvP tournament prizes. Also, as a side note, I do have the shipping boxes now for Logitech 635 headsets. I will start doing the drawings for those this week. Sadly, I will only be shipping them to US addresses due to customs and shipping costs. This isn’t by my design, this is by the fact that I have a tangible item I have to ship and I need to make it cost effective.

Finally, I want to give a shout out to The Golden Feather https://www.twitch.tv/the_golden_feather/about The joined the Ashes of Creation Stream Team (https://www.twitch.tv/team/ashesofcreation) this week with me. If I’m the brains behind Ashes 101 and the Q&A session, the Golden Feather with Chibi Bree and DJ Virtek are without a doubt the heart and soul of the Ashes of Creation community. They take the time to focus on promoting other Content Creators which is a noble cause.

PGN Music

I am happy to report that PGN Music is slowly growing. I currently have four tracks of Steampunk Dreams up on that YouTube channel, including the very chilling Chapter 12 - An Evil Automaton. The composer did such a good job with that song I reached out to an artist to do the scene so I could get it up on YouTube as a standalone.

I have the art for Chapter 1 in work now. I also have one of the remaining six tracks contracted out. I have found composers for three of the tracks, and I know who I want to do the final track. That just leaves me finding one last composer. Given that I’m doing some other things this month with funding, I won’t hit May 31st with Steampunk Dream’s music being done, but I should be able to hit that 30 June deadline for this music at least.

I’ve also been getting other music made. I’ve put out a couple of relaxation tracks. One of them just went out today and was some background music for a calm/relaxation/spa-like setting.

Thank you to my Patreon Sponsors

Want to give a big shout-out to my Patreon Sponsors this week. It started a long time ago with one guy wanting me to start a Patreon, and it has grown into something much bigger. The money from the Patreon also funnels into the PGN music project right now, which is basically keeping Fiverr Artists gainfully employed.

I’ve tried to make sure to thank these wonderful people on the ends of my YouTube videos and at the end of my streams (when I don’t raid someone), but I felt it is only fair to give them a shout-out here.

I also realize that I own the Patreon its 2021 update, which will now get added to my ever growing list of things I need to get done. If you've never checked out the Patreon you can do that here: https://www.patreon.com/paradox_gaming_network it gives you some insight into what I do with the network, or more accurately what the Network was doing prior to me starting PGN Music. I have to include all that. I guess I need to put item #74 on the checklist.