Jahlon made Twitch Partner

Big Congratulations to Jahlon for Making Twitch Partner and carrying the channel to partnered status. It was a three year journey with a couple of long breaks in order to get things settled down and squared away, but Twitch officially invited him on Thursday 22 October 2020 to the Twitch Partner Program.

This isn't just a success for Jahlon as a Streamer or for the Paradox Gaming Network as a business as it now has a Partnered Streamer on its talent roster, but it is also a huge success for the Paradox Gaming community as well. The best streamer, the best content creator, cannot make partner on their own, they require the support of a dedicated base of people who are all working together to promote that content creator to new heights.

Paradox Gaming continues to grow as an organization and the next few weeks are going to be busy helping Jahlon get squared away in his new role. This will require new Emotes, some new artwork, some new Twitch overalls, new props and other stuff, but it also means the start of promotion of other smaller streamers.

The Stream Team will be something Jahlon works on after the first of the year as he wants to properly investigate how to make the relationship mutually beneficial between the team and the individuals on the roster so that the growth is mutual.

Does this mean Jahlon is ready to take a break? Nope.

He's already busy at work for another bunch of projects including the secondary channel he's trying to launch and get going.

His schedule over at Twitch is

Mondays at 5 PM Eastern / 9 PM GMT
Wednesdays at 10 AM Eastern / 2 PM GMT
Fridays at 1 PM Eastern / 5 PM GMT
Saturdays - 2 PM Eastern / 6 PM GMT

Catch him at https://www.twitch.tv/paradox_gaming_network or on the front page of the website when he is live.