Jahlon doing Jahlon Things

As always at Paradox, the content creators that we work with are off doing their own things. Wolfess is sort of taking a break trying to figure out the next move in her Content Creation career, but Jahlon...well he's already doing more Jahlon things.

He has talked about doing another program for a few years, but has never really jumped onto doing it. Well today, we find out that the channel art, the new YouTube channel and the new Twitter account are all spun up for the new project,

Titled: "Jahlon on" this is going to be a program where Jahlon talks about different topics, just cause he can. He's not worried about if it does well, he's just worried about doing it well.

We are very interested to see what happens with his new series, since he has said he is going to abandon his Content Creation Success in 3:00 project since he felt it was too much gimmick not enough authentic.