Its Daylight Savings Time

So I was worried about having enough time to get everything done each week, well I’m about to have a bunch of free time on my hands, despite the fact I just lost an hour of sleep.

Jahlon On - Movie Scene Leadership

So this week’s Jahlon On is about Movie Scene Leadership.

I talk about the scene in Pearl Harbor all the time where Lt. Col Jimmy Doolittle is forced to make a spot decision. His response is “Now. We launch now.” It's a very powerful scene that is a testament to being prepared and being ready to execute leadership even in the most dire situations.

If you have nothing else to do for 3:58 seconds, check this out.

Ashes of Creation

So I was getting ready to start streaming some Ashes of Creation Alpha 1 this week. I guess I have two more months to get ready since Intrepid Studios just punted the release down the road a bit.

The new playtest schedule is as follows:

In response to the delay I’ve got two videos on Ashes of Creation. The first was my video segment from my show about if I thought the Alpha 1 would be delayed.

This one didn’t age too good since right after I had it ready, Intrepid officially announced the delay. My response to the delay is here


So several things have started working out for YouTube. I’ve not suddenly figured out the magic formula for success, however, I’ve figured out how to make YouTube and Twitch work together. During my Twitch Shows I try to dedicate 10 minutes a couple of times per show to a “segment” this way during the show I come up with a short video that I can push out to everyone who is interested about Ashes topics. At the same time I continue to push out my full shows which do insanely well.

Also, this week was the first time I’ve ever noticed my views coming more from non-subscribers than subscribers. This is a good sign, it means that we are spreading our wings and reaching new people.

I care more about getting people information than I do about numbers in the subscriber box. I care about viewers. I’m happy with the current view counts.


So great week on Twitch. We played some Stream Raiders PvP on Wednesday. We finally maxed out on PvP Tickets in a qualifying round. Very happy about that and going 21-17 for the day. I really like what Stream Captains did with the new qualifying rounds. Getting tickets for wins and losses is a much better set up.

Because PvP is on a Tuesday through Wednesday this time, I’ve decided to do a Tuesday Steampunk PvP night. Gonna have a little fun with it. That will be on 16 March at 6 pm Eastern. We will also carry on our PvP into the next day for the normal Wednesday show, without the Steampunk Get-up.

Kong Vector

These guys are absolutely amazing. You may have seen some of the new art, icons, etc popping up across my brand. As we speak they are working on my YouTube channel header. They are going to be getting another job from me next week for 5 new alerts. If you ever need a Twitch or YouTube facelift, let me know. I can give you their details. Their rates are really really good.

Steampunk Dreams

Had a productive week writing this week. I actually had to move Chapter 5 to Chapter 3. I couldn’t tell the story about the Tower without telling the story about the Lost Child. The silver lining of the Ashes of Creation Alpha 1 delay is that I should be able to get a bulk of the novel written. With this month’s Twitch Payout I should be able to contract out 1 or 2 more pieces of music only because the other 5 alerts needed and cough taxes cough, I can swing 1 or 2 pieces.