I Need a Time Machine

So I need a time machine, or I need clones of myself to do some of this work for me. I’ve been going at it for an 9 hour work day and I’m not where near done with the stuff I want to get done with. So much so some things that I wanted to get done for the blog got pushed.

Jahlon On - Movie Scene Leadership

No Jahlon On this week. I got sidetracked this week working on the Content Creator guide. I broke all the sections of the creator guide at https://www.paradoxgaming.net/content-creators into separate pages. I also worked on the How to Start a Channel guide this week and rewrote a lot of it. That’s here: https://www.paradoxgaming.net/startingachannel

This coming week I hope to get one more page rewritten and then both videos done.


Great week this week on Twitch. Managed to do four shows, 3 of my usual Ashes of Creation shows plus an extra Stream Raiders PvP raid night, which worked out in our favor. We ended up winning the second place prize for the PvP Tournament. Here’s a little clip here:

So big thanks to the community, once I have those items I will get them given out. We also unveiled the new stream overlays.

Reposting that here because this video is just too damn cool.


The new plan is working really well for the Twitch plus YouTube combination. Cutting up the shows into segments is giving me far more content to push out. Not everyone wants to watch a long draw out 5 hour Twitch show. Some people do as background noise, but some people want to just jump in on the segments. This is working really well as boosting the number of impressions the channel is getting.

The downside is that I’m struggling to carve out time to get actual YouTube videos done. I know I want to do a video on the Business Model Ashes of Creation is using, but even after today’s 8 hour work day I’m no closer to taking it off the post it note and turning it into a video as I was yesterday or the day before. I do have other projects going on, noveling and writing is taking up a chunk of my time. Hopefully, after I get the rest of the Steampunk Dreams music and art done that will free up some of my precious 86,400 seconds.

Kong Vector

These guys delivered five new alerts for me inside of a one week suspense. It was so good because I got to unveil the new overlay with the full pack of alerts.

This is the last time you are going to hear about these guys for a while. But if you ever need work done, consider them on Fiver.

Steampunk Dreams

I am happy to report that I have commissioned out 3 more pieces of music and one more piece of artwork so this project is continuing to make progress. In a combination of Feb’s Twitch Payment, the 2020 Tax Return for the Corporation, and the Patreon donations we get, I had enough money to go back to two of the composers who have worked on the project before and bring one new composer onto the project. I also really wanted to hire the artist who did the Lost Child to do the second piece for the section and they jumped on board.

Even though I’ve posted them before if you guys haven’t heard the pieces, check out Chapters 2 and 3 (Previously 5) of Steampunk Dreams and let me know what you think.