How is it the end of Feb already?

Can anyone believe that its already the

Broken Monitor - Almost have a refund? Almost?

So, one full month later I am still dealing with the issue with Samsung. This week we did see some forward progress however, as the check is supposedly mailed. The check indicates as mailed from the tracker and a very nice and helpful support person named Samantha has been communicating with me via Twitter and she tracked the issue and got back to me.

Now, having gotten a new monitor and not being able to get it to have the same rich color as my other 3 gaming monitors (1 upstairs and 2 downstairs) it is really off-putting. I would have preferred Samsung fix and/or replace the one I bought. Due to Covid that monitor was over $800. Now, is any monitor worth $800? I don't know, but having a paired monitor back would be worth that to me.

Hopefully the refund check will arrive this week and this issue can be resolved.


So it has been a busy week for YouTube this week.

First, I did get that Ashes of Creation Karma Bombing Video out. I’m glad I got that one done because it sparked a lot of conversation, plus I was able to help out a lot of people who were both worried about Ashes of Creation turning into a gankbox and some people who had some of the rules about the flagging system confused.

I also got the Ashes of Creation Livestream Recap Video done, which is always a feat in and of itself when they do their livestream on Friday, because I’m in the middle of my livestream, then I finish my livestream, take a quick break, and go right into video production mode.

I hope you find this one to have a higher production value than my other ones. I continue to work at the production level, keeping it short and concise, making it more visually appealing.

Finally, my teenage daughter decided this week to help me with a project. She is deciding if she wants to get into Youtubing in some form or fashion. She was the voice of the girl raptor in this project.

Which of course has now spawned off a running gag of Timmy the Raptor and how he deserved better.

The month of February was good for YouTube over 25,000 views and over 4,000 hours of watch time. Sure, in order to hit the goals I set for the year we are going to have to do better, but for right now, the little lull is going on while we wait for NDA to drop on Ashes of Creation. The best part of not doing much content creation in early 2000, is that I'm crushing all my early 2000 numbers. One is always better than zero, am I right?


While we might be struggling a little bit on YouTube we are taking off. We did 350,000 minutes watched in Feb, with one more show to go. I’ll be streaming some Stream Raiders on Sunday so that will give us a little bit of a bump. Not much, but a little bit. We’ve also had 12,276 live views which is pretty solid. We are hovering at right around 91 average viewers, which is a good average because we did one Steampunk PvP Stream Raiders and the number for that show was 39 which drags down the entire average.

I’m not one for chasing averages though I’m one for having a good time, and we are certainly having a good time on Twitch.

What I'm most excited about is the quality of the work that is going on with the Visual Redesign of my Twitch.

Visual Redesign

As you guys know, I contracted Kong Vector to do a redesign of a lot of the Assets that I’m using for Twitch, and a little bit on YouTube.

Here is a sample of the work they delivered this week.

I’m 100% satisfied with that they have delivered and I can’t wait to use it all on the livestream.

Jahlon On

The Jahlon On this week is more of a quick motivation vlog than anything else. There is no book or business lesson, just a quick vlog about Chasing your Dreams.

Steampunk Dreams

Finally, I am happy to announce that Chapter 2 of Steampunk Dreams is up on YouTube. Now, where is Chapter 1 you ask? I didn’t share Chapter 1. I wanted to share a piece of the story at the beginning but not THE beginning.

If you guys check this out please give me feedback on it. I have 5/19 tracks recorded with the 6th in development and one more piece of art done, and another one almost done. I'm really looking for feedback to know if I need to shift the direction on the project. I'm going to hopefully have the second piece ready to share next week and then that will be it. The rest will have to wait until I have all 19 tracks ready, which may take a while since each track takes a few hundred dollars when you factor in the music and the art.