Grabbing 2022 by the Horns

So really, is it already 2022? It was only yesterday we were hearing about this virus running rampant in China, and then we went into a sorta of Pandemic Isolationist lifestyle that has basically hung around for two year and now we are moving into another new year.

I want to thank everyone who has been hanging out with me for these past 2 years that we’ve been ramping up Content Creation. If you remember, back in October of 2019 I had to hard stop making content because I didn’t have a company set up to deal with the money we started making. After the pandemic hit, I decided to make my return to streaming and content creation because I thought people were in need of a little entertainment. Turns out I was right, and we built an amazing core of people for the Twitch Shows. Not only do we have good conversations but we have amazing days winning Stream Raiders PvP matches.

I was really doing this for a hobby, but given that I see the opportunity and potential to hire some people, help them with their hustle, I’m glad that we formed the Paradox Gaming Network, Incorporated. Since the day we got the incorporation papers we’ve been off to the races making serious progress. As I look back on 2021, the biggest accomplishment we had was the formation of PGN Music, a division of PGN, INC.

PGN Music is growing to be an amazing success and is the crowning achievement of 2021. I am happy to report that we have 107 songs now out across the board on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon Music, Iheartradio, basically anywhere that music can be found. All of the music I produce is DMCA Free/Copyright Free so you can feel free to use it in your own creations. Right now the push is for promoting the Spotify Channel as that is generating us income. Small income, but income.

The big winner for the year was the Embers in the Wind Tavern Track. On YouTube that particular track got 19,131 views in 2021, which is a great accomplishment.

If you aren’t subscribed to the PGN Music Channel, I’d ask that you consider subscribing. Right now we make $0 from the PGN Music YouTube channel because we lack the 1,000 subscribers and the 4,000 hours of watch time. Once we get a few more albums out in 2022 we will hit the 4,000 Watch Time Mark, but we really need a full court community press on getting the 1,000 subscribers.

So, if you are willing and able pop over to

And subscribe to the channel so we can start making passive money from advertising on that channel as well.

Sadly, this brings into question my abilities as a Video Game Content Creator. My best Ashes of Creation video only had 11,218 views. So one of my big goals for 2022 is looking at all three of my YouTube Channels and trying to figure out how to best leverage them to make them relevant. It does no good to spend time making content that I can’t get into the hands of people.

With that said, 2021 was a bad year for me personally. Right in August, right when we were sort of peaking on Twitch Content, life decided to hit me in the face with a rather large brick. I ended up having to take over 10 weeks off from content creation, so that hurt a lot of the forward momentum.

On the Twitch Side we had a growth year in 2021. We were up 227% on Views and 197% on Watch Time. The total view count for 2021 was 282,122 views which is amazing, but we had 6.1 MILLION minutes of watch time, that’s 101,600+ hours. That’s a lot of entertainment. I plan on keeping the M/W/F show schedule for the time being. I plan to do at least 14 hours a week on Twitch. I would love to find a game to stream, but if I can’t then I’m going to do some 7 Days to Die as the back half of my shows. We’ll see how that works out for a while and if I have to make adjustments I will.

As far as YouTube, our 2021 results didn’t fare quite as well, we barely did 50% of the views and 37% of the Watch time we did in 2020. So working on YouTube is a top priority for me. I will say one thing that does make me smile is the number of comments we get on the YouTube videos. It is not uncommon to see 150, 200, even 300 comments on one of my videos. With that said my 2022 goal is to publish 50 YouTube videos, with another 26 to 30 segment scenes from my Twitch shows. That would put 76 videos on the YouTube this year and hopefully we’d see some growth from that.

I did start the year off strong with an Ashes of Creation video. One of my late 2021 goals was to have a video ready to go on 1 January. I managed to hit that out of the park with a video on the Hybrid Combat system. This is a topic that comes up a lot during my Ashes 101 shows on Twitch. So now I have a solid video to direct people to.

As the community knows I also cover Fractured, an MMORPG in development from Dynamight Studios. They decided to partner with Gamigo Games as their publisher. This was a huge shocker for the Fractured Community. We had a lot of fun testing Fractured in 2021. It will be interesting to see how this plays out on their overall development schedule. More information on this news here:

With that said I also need to get back to making my Jahlon On Videos. That 10 week break did more than just hurt my video game content creation, it threw my entire process out of alignment. So my goal is to get back to doing Content Creation coaching this year. If you are a content creator and you need help with your content creation, please let me know.

As we move into 2022 a lot of Content Creators are going to be setting goals. The big one here is that you decide what your goals are. This video is from a little earlier in 2021, but I think it's worth the dust-off for 1 Jan as people look at what their content creation goals are.

With that said, anyone who wants to support the Paradox Gaming Network, we have a lot of ways to do that passively, the biggest being the Epic Games Store. If you do make a purchase on EGS and you don’t have a creator you use, please consider tossing JAHLON27 into the creator box. Costs you nothing, but helps us generate money to pay for all the music we are developing.

If anyone has a game you think I should check out, please toss that to me in a PM on Discord - Jahlon#0001 Still looking for a new game to jump into.