End of January already?!?

So really, it is already the end of January. Where has the year gone? It's like we walked into 2021 with a plan, and the year just exploded on us. So one month in how are we shaping up?

Broken Monitor

Ok, so a major set back in the studio. This past Wednesday while doing my show my monitor just decided to break. The eye saver mode got stuck on while using a Display Port (DP) cable. If I hook it up with an HDMI cable I can turn it off, but if I hook it up with a DP cable I can’t.

The left to right side monitor comparison looks like this.

Yeah, there is no way I could function like that. Luckily, the people at Samsung are amazing, and they gave me an overnight label to ship the monitor to them. So the monitor got to New Jersey on Thursday and they said its 4 business days to fix. So, I’m hoping that maybe,

I have it back on Friday so I can get back to work.

New PC

In other good news, Origin was finally able to move my order from “Processing” to “Assembly”. Now, this doesn’t exactly blow my socks off because I was told a month ago that it was in Assembly. Then I was told that there was going to be a 2 week delay. Technically, I’m not going to get snarky until 3 Feb when they miss their initial ship date, and then 17 Feb when they miss their second shipment date.

I can say, that if I don’t have an update that they send me before then, I’m probably going to ask for my money back. If I can get the monitor back, the new PC, and the new web cam, I think I can start crushing content in 2021.


YouTube is going really well for this first month in 2021. I have two standard metrics for success.

The first is am I beating what I did in 2020. For the month of January it's 4 Greens across the board. We did better in every category (Views, Watch Time, Average View Time, and Subscribers. Now, that’s the good news. The bad news is that we went 0/4 for keeping pace with the 2021 goals.

With one month down we should be at right about 8.33% done with the goals, and for YouTube we aren’t anywhere near that. Which is ok, because the window of opportunity hasn’t opened yet. The bulk of the content I make is on Ashes of Creation, and it's not exactly blowing up any search queue records.

The good news is the Ashes 101 product is ready for the next time a window of opportunity does open. I think around March is when the channel will explode, which is good because March 2020 wasn’t exactly a stellar month so we can get a big jump on the year.

This week we did put out Livestream Review, which did well for what it is.

Got a fair few number of compliments on it, and that’s what we aim to do, make each product better than the last.


On Twitch we are also sorta crushing it, and are staying much closer to the pace. The good part for Twitch is that we didn’t have any programming from Jan through April so beating the Q1 of 2020 is going to be a cake walk. Again, we aren’t keeping pace with the 2021 goal, and maybe I set the goal too high when all my content is based around a game that’s not due out for at least another 18 months.

The important part is that I’m having fun streaming and it's something to occupy the time. It also gives me the chance to interact with people, which is important as well.

Make sure to swing by the stream if you haven't been. It's a good time.


Visual Redesign

This week I’m happy to say I’ve had a chance to at least submit my project request to the visual studio. They have been a little slow in getting back to me, but that’s ok, they seemed like they were overworked at the beginning of the year, so when they get back to me they get back to me.

I’m hoping to have a full steampunk motif going on by mid-year.

Jahlon On

I was busy this weekend for me with the Jahlon On Video. This week was on Content Creation, and doing YouTube channel reviews.

I’m thinking about doing some “Just Chatting” streaming each week and doing some live channel reviews. Not sure how that’s going to work. I’m also rewriting the Content Creator guide up on the website, but that’s slow going because I’m not sure how to get it started. Once I get started, it should flow pretty quickly.

Well, that’s it, that’s one month down.

Let’s jump into the shortest month of the year