Creating Better Content

Hello Paradox Gaming Network Community!

I decided to stop over here today to talk about what's going on with my Content Creation help series.

As you probably already know, the main feature of the Paradox Gaming Network webpage is to showcase off some of the work that that PGN creators do, but the section of the webpage that holds the real value for our fellow Content Creators is on the page. Here is a collection of all the things I wish I knew four years ago when I started content creation. I also stated a YouTube series called Content Creation Success in 3:00 a day. Sadly, I absolutely hate the series and how it turned out so I'm totally redoing it. The start of that series can be found here:

There is a lot of good information there, I just really don't like how it turned out. I've just put up the first video on my new series and it basically tells you why you are making your YouTube videos wrong. Are you worried about your 2Es? Do you even know what the 2Es are? I didn't know this 4 years ago, so I'm hoping maybe some of you now know what it is.

The 2Es are Education and Entertainment. Either your video is designed to teach someone something or its designed to give people a distraction. That's it. That's basically what every YouTube video is, one or the other.

I'm going to be doing a lot more work on this series, and I'm not going to try to bundle it up with any sort of gimmicks. If you are interested in knowing more, check out this weeks video and then check out the other ones I do as the weeks go by.