Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy

So, it has been a busy week. So busy in fact I decided to just cancel last week’s blog entry because I just could not find enough time in the week to write one, and it kept getting closer and closer to Sunday and I figured, skip it we’ll just catch up later.

I cannot believe that it is almost the end of 2020. I’m pretty sure 100% of people want to see this year just pack it in. It has been a rough 8 months for everyone, and sadly it doesn’t look like there is any relief in sight. All we can do is keep our heads down, our chins up, our shoulders back. Focus on the things we can change, ignore the things we can’t change, and just stick to our goals.

Speaking of goals, I missed a goal this week. I was trying to do one Ashes of Creation video per week, but sadly we are in a little bit of a content drought right now. We are getting ready to move into Alpha 1 testing next month, but that will be under NDA. I’m not worried about the drought on the Ashes front, it gets like this every year for a few weeks after Extra Life. The team returns to work, and usually, USUALLY, we have something going in in December. In 2017 we had Alpha 0, in 2018 we had Apoc’s launch, in 2019 we had a Battle Royale Season, and this year we have Alpha 1 starting.

I did put a couple of YouTube videos out this week though. The first was on Fractured, a game that I’ve been following for a couple of years. They have an amazing Skill and Talent point system. https://youtu.be/9ddbwaz83K8

The other was on Stream Raiders, a game that I think is reshaping the face of Streaming. https://youtu.be/oXGIRXGrOZ4

Streaming wise the streams are going good. The numbers are a little low, but that’s ok. When you put 90% of your eggs in one basket, and you drop that basket, things are going to get a little rough. I’m grateful my community stuck with me while we did our big Partner Push. Now we can back off that a little bit and focus on lateral progression. One of those lateral progressions is the next round of emotes went into the artist this morning. The new Icon/Mascot needs to be represented in the emote line up. So six new emotes should be available sometime this week on Twitch.

Also, I’m working on some new alerts. I’ve got the basic Subscriber, Follower, Raid and Cheer alerts done. I thought I had found an artist to do all that work for me, but something they said sort of automatically triggered my WTF senses. While I was sitting there in pain from my root canal I had an idea, and the idea worked out. So, we can limp along for some more time while we figure out the best course of action. I think I'm going to end up going with a professional studio to do the overlays, alerts, animations, etc unless a trustworthy artist falls in my lap. Makes me sad there are so many quirky odd birds out there that come across as off scammy because they either 1) are scammy or 2) are trying too hard to be genuine.

On the Jahlon on Front, this week I focused on Streaming and I focused on the idea of the First Follower. So many new Content Creators are worried about getting their 1,000th subscriber and they forget they need to worry about getting their first. This is based off the Derek Sivers Ted Talk that was presented during OTS about 10 years ago. If you are a new content creator and you are struggling, you might want to check this one out: https://youtu.be/CRLoiJ-moFo.