All Aboard the Hype Train!

Wanted to take a minute to give a shout out to the amazing Paradox Gaming Network community and the craziness that was the hype train yesterday. All in all 58 give subscriptions were give out during a 4 Hour Show.

Since day 1, it has always been about community building. Not building a brand, not build a successful channel, always focused on building a Community.

These guys must be enjoying the community they are in to continuously give out free subscriptions to the channel at

While that level of support is amazing, it doesn't take a financial contribution to support the channel. Watching the YouTube videos, following the YouTube channel, sharing it with friends, hanging out during the Stream, chatting, asking questions, sharing the channel with friends, that is that organic grassroot support that builds a community. All the things that take $0 out of pocket, that's the level of support the channel needs to go from being a channel to being a community.

Raising money is the easy part, we can do that through advertisements, The Amazon Blacksmith on the Twitch Page, the Prime Gaming Subs that come with Amazon Prime. IF people have disposable income they want to throw at the project that's great, but nobody should ever feel bad that they can't. I'm going to be just as entertaining and just as committed if you donate $1, $5 or $0. You deserve a little entertainment now and then.