7 August - Weekly Blog

Jahlon and the Paradox Gaming Network Community

Why does that sound like Prince and the New Power Generation?

Anyway, true to my word last week, I did get back to making Jahlon On Content. Actually it's now Jahlon Content, the series is called Jahlon On, but the channel is now Jahlon. Thank you to everyone who has supported that tiny channel. It may never grow, but even if I only end up helping one or two people per video with it, then I will have made a difference.

Ironically the entire purpose of the channel was to leave a sort of digital video archive of “dad” advice in case something happened to me. There is a little of that on there (motivation, goals, time management) but a lot of it is geared towards Content Creation. The channel nearly served its purpose as I nearly stepped out in front of a van while running this week.

So, I want to get back to working on these a little more frequently. This weeks’ is on Twitch Goals: Fun or Profit, and the things you should think about before deciding that your streaming is “only a hobby”. After all, time is money, and you are going to spend a lot of time streaming, then you might want to do simple things on day 1 that at least leave the income door open for you.

Spotify Success

Given that the total marketing budget for the new Spotify Channel is an amazing $0, I’m happy to announce that the channel has had 716 streams and has 17 followers. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but an avalanche starts with a single snowflake. It's going to take time, but I”m sure as a community we can push the Spotify channel out. When more streamers hear they can get smooth jazz with no DMCA strikes I’m sure they will come running, it is after all the Roaring 20s again!

Ok, probably a pipedream, but people do really like the new Tavern Music song, so as soon as I get the cover art for that, I might release it as a single. Or, I might drop the composer who did that some money to produce four or five other songs this coming month. I also want to try to get a haunted house/scary music track going similar to Chapter 13 - An Evil Automaton. That track is pretty scary and I like scary.

The good news is our fourth album dropped this week - Clear Jazz Shadows. It is an eleven track Jazz/lofi combination. Like all our other tracks it is DMCA/Copyright free. Its up at:


Video Game Stuff

To start with Ashes of Creation, they have extended next week’s Alpha testing to run through August 15, 2001. Originally the testing was going to end of Friday but they have decided to run through the weekend.

I’m really happy about that because I finally figured out my 3090 issues, and I think (I hope) I can start streaming Ashes from my 3090 and not have horrible frame rending issues. With that I am set to stream an extra show (well technically a second extra show) on Sunday 8 August. Probably going to get started in the morning, so be on the look out for that.

Elyon will be going into testing on 18 August, and guess what? Thanks to you guys helping me grow this community and the Paradox Brand, I have 50 keys to give away. I’ll be giving some of those away to community members who are the solid core of our testers and the rest will go to the people who follow the Twitch shows and show up. Make sure that you follow the Twitch channel and have notifications turned on so you know when I’m live, I don't want you to miss anything.

Elyon will be going live on 29 September, with the 3-day headstart packs getting access starting on 26 September.

New World has delayed again, this time pushing to 28 September. I’m not sure if New World is actually going to launch this time, but it would have been nice if they didn’t drop right on top of Elyon. Sort of makes you wonder if Amazon Game Studios is afraid of Elyon.

Amazon Storefront

So this is actually really cool. Last week I was bummed out that Amazon withdrew Blacksmith off of Twitch. So I had started working on this blog (not this blog entry) of just all my reading recommendations for personal and professional development. It was when I was down a rabbit hole of exploration of the internet, that I found out I was eligible for an Amazon Storefront.

So, I don’t care about any money the storefront makes. What I do care about is being able to organize my lists and organize the books inside the lists so I can group them for purpose and reading. You have no idea how happy this makes me.

If you do happen to like the books I do, head over to my Amazon Storefront at


Of course, this now means I have a lot lot of work to do, a whole lot of reviews to write, but that’s ok. I finally feel like I can present material to people in a way where they can easily access the books I'm recommending or talking about.

Press Kit

This week I also realize that it was time to up my game and finally build a press kit template. I realize my numbers aren’t big enough to warrant needing this, but I have had a couple of small offers and being able to sweeten the deal by providing metrics is a good thing.

A really rough draft of the cover is here

I need to find fonts that work. Truthfully I need to find a desktop publisher, but we don’t make enough money for things like that yet.

Paradox Gaming Website

The paradoxgaming.net website is due for a facelift. It’s on the agenda. It's going to be a slowroll process, but eventually we are going to get this thing looking good.

Supporting the Network

Couple of $0 cost things you can do to help me, and the Paradox Gaming Network

1: Subscribe to the Gaming YouTube Channel if you follow our gaming news

2: Subscribe to the Jahlon Channel if you like my advice/vlogs

3: Subscribe to the PGN Music Channel. We need 100 subscribers to get a custom URL.

4: Like and Comment on new videos. This really helps the traction of videos

5: Follow any other social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram).

As a reminder, subscribing on YouTube is just following. As you saw, I’m trying to increase my brand awareness, and now that I have a press kit metrics and numbers matter.


Shout out to our newest Patreon Cereal Box Mascot. The Patreon income helps to pay the quarterly taxes, leaving the other income that we bring in dedicated to the music production at the moment. I’ve said it many times, but had the original patrons not motivated me to start the Patreon, we wouldn’t have any of the stuff we have now.


The community

I specifically listed the Patreons after after the $0 cost options though. Support is support, and supporting the brand by subscribing, building the numbers, advice, ideas spell checking, sharing, comments, engagements, all those things build a brand. Money is nice, support is better. Much love to every supporter

If you need me, you can email me, ping me on Discord, of find me on any of my social media at