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The end of 2017...and the anticipation of 2018

Network News

Merry Christmas everyone! I like to celebrate holidays, so lets make sure we remember it's the holiday season. So from the Paradox Gaming Network family to yours, Merry Christmas.

Another really great week here at Paradox as we downshift for a week off due to the holidays. No fluffy intros, let's get right to it.

Archeage 101 Live on Twitch:

Little bit smaller of a show this week, which I expected since we were finally off the PTS and the DDOS was finally over. Still, it was a good show and picked up another 6 followers. Setting a goal of 125 followers before the end of the year was a mighty large goal, but sometimes you have to set big goals to get big returns.

Big thanks to Snow for not only his donation, but also because of his donation figured out a couple of things wrong with the stream, so that’s good plenty of time to fix those sort of things during the off week.

Archeage 101 Live is just one of those shows planned for the Paradox Gaming Network as we move into 2018. As I sit here staring at the other side of the room, there are a couple of high end computers waiting to be installed at the other two workstations in the PGN office. Hopefully within a few weeks after the first of the year our other streamer will get going on some projects. Eventually we will need to upgrade some hardware for a webcam and mic (so we don’t have to do the flip/flop thing between two machines). That’s where you come in.

If you have Amazon Prime and you watch my Twitch show remember you get a Free subscription to Twitch Prime every month and you can use that to support your favorite streamer, be it me or someone else. That is very helpful because its $2.50 per person who does this. That goes a long way to offsetting the cost of hardware.

YouTube - Almost to 1K… can we do it?

They say a watched pot never boils, and so too you don’t hit 1,000 subs if you stare at the counter every day...but I can’t help myself.

With just seven days till the ball drops ushering in 2018, the Paradox Gaming Network YouTube channel needs just 24 subscribers to hit 1,000. If we have a week like we had last week we are in like Flynn, but I don’t like to count my chickens before they are hatched.

Regardless this has been a great year for the Paradox Gaming Network YouTube. Next week I’ll be putting out a statistical summary of the year we have had.

Patreon Site - Full Disclosure

No changes from last week on the Patreon site. Thank you to Jonathan and Chris for being steadfast supporters. I know some people would laugh at the $20 per month the Patreon site brings in, but you know what? Its $20 more than I’d have if I never chased the dream down.

If you want to check out the Paradox Gaming Network Patreon site you can follow this link or you can click on the Patreon Button on the bottom of the webpage.

Intrepid Studios and Ashes of Creation

This week I’ve put together another Ashes video, really comparing it to the development of two other MMOs in development Crowfall and Chronicles of Elyria, as well as just some other hodge-podge information that needed to get put out there, but I didn’t have a meaty video to put them in.

As it is right now Alpha Zero testing is on hold until January while Intrepid and company enjoy the holidays. The good news is Alpha Zero will be a series of tests going forward in 2017 until they are ready to officially enter Alpha-1 testing.

If you haven’t registered for Ashes of Creation yet and you want to help support the Paradox Gaming Network, follow this link and register for Ashes. We currently have 73 people who have decided to support us via this method and we have at least $114.75 in Intrepid Bucks that we will end up cashing out and raffling off/giving away to players.

Archeage News

In Archeage news this week I’m going to direct you over to where they have put the KR 4.5 patch notes up. Some really big changes coming, but I never like to steal omnom’s thunder the first week the put the patch notes up.

I did do a holiday video to capture the current event going on in Archeage and to talk about the health of the game. Specifically, when your event gets 4 paragraphs of no real substance, but your cash shop gets a massive page of detail, it seems like you are trying to milk the cow down to the last drop.

The official AA101 video for the week was a walk-through of Bloodsalt Bay. You can check that video out on the main-page, the YouTube channel or here is a quick link for you.


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