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Does 4.0 spell the doom of Archeage?

Network News

Greetings and Happy Holidays from the Paradox Gaming Network. From the tree in the background of the stream, the Santa Hat for next week and the Christmas Carols on the radio we are very quickly approaching Christmas.

Going to downshift ever so slightly for the next couple of weeks, not just because of the holiday season but because there are a few projects on my plate that are taking considerably longer than I originally intended. The next episode of Paradoxical Impressions is on the current and future games of the MMO genre, and trying to do good academic reviews is taking just a tad longer than I anticipated. Also, next weekend will be the Ashes of Creation Alpha Zero test and that will take up basically my entire weekend. Plus, Archeage 4.0 launches this week so it's going to be a busy busy week. Of course after that I want to downshift a little bit and prepare for the holidays.

Archeage 101 Live on Twitch - This week: Live from the PTS Part II

The Archeage 101 Live Stream had much better results this week, none of that laggy choppiness we experienced last week. It was a good show, got a lot of topics covered and answered a lot of individual questions. I’ve set a goal of trying to have 125 Followers by the end of the year which is a auspicious goal but I think we might make it. Without any of my off-hour streams we are up to 84 followers, meaning we’d have to have 41 new followers in three shows. Probably too big of a goal, but I like setting my sights on the moon for even when I miss I land among the stars.

YouTube - Will we hit 1,000 subs by 31 December?

I will say the decision to take Archeage 101 Live on Twitch was one that I hadn’t actually planned for 2017. I wanted to spend a lot more time getting more polished at doing YouTube videos before I went back to streaming. With a lot of support and prodding, however, I decided that the best way to get started with any project is to just shut up and do it. Hence why I’m back on Twitch, but why I’m still focused on the YouTube channel.

The only major goal I had set for 2017 was to have 250 YouTube subscribers so WOW have we blown that one away. At first I just wanted to secure that first 100, then 250, then suddenly it was 500 which lead to 750 and now 1,000. As of today we are sitting at 906 subscribers, meaning we would have to have a 94 subscriber plus up in 21 days. Mathematically that works out 4.4 new subscribers per day, which is roughly what the channel averages plus or minus a dry spell.

So you know what that means? That means I have 21 days to put out a couple of killer videos that have huge draws. Since I’ve used most of my best material already this year, I’m not sure what I’m going to put together, but maybe one of Santa Elves (that would be all of you by the way) has a good idea for a video.

Patreon Site - Full Disclosure

Like everything else I do that concerns your money (and yes, even after you donate it to me, I still consider it your money) the Patreon Site has a sitting Balance of $36.76 in it. As I said when I first open the site, the first goal was $50 to raffle off 5 Apex. Obviously this won’t roll over to $50 until next year which is a good thing, that way I can keep all earrings and profits inside of 2018 which hopefully I will have turned my hobby into a business. It also means that I’ll end up making up to 5 new characters since I’ll have to be able to delivery the Apex. We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

If you want to check out the Paradox Gaming Network Patreon site you can follow this link or you can click on the Patreon Button on the bottom of the webpage.

Intrepid Studios and Ashes of Creation

First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers go out to the staff at Intrepid Studios. Intrepid is located in San Diego, California with wildfires roughly 20 miles away from the studios. Two of their staff members have had to evacuate their homes, so our prayers are with them.

WIth that said, just having that information makes Ashes of Creation and Intrepid more of a community builder than most of the other games and game companies out there. You can tell that Steven genuinely cares about his people and the community; and the community genuinely cares about the folks at the studio sending them pizza (with pineapple) and other goodies on occasions.

I will also give a massive Kudos to Intrepid for how they handled this week's little hiccup. They had some difficulties getting out all 1200 of the emails for the upcoming Alpha Zero testing. As it stands right now, I still don’t have my information, but I’m not worried. They have been out in front with information, with the proposed solution, and fully utilizing their Community Moderators. Individual shout-out to Belle-bot aka Belewyn, as always she is a diamond. Steven and Jeffrey there needs to be a Belewyn NPC in the game somewhere, an Oracle of some great information.

Rehash from Last Week: Getting hyped for the Alpha 0 test on 15 December. Again, it's going to be under NDA so I won’t be able to talk about it or show any footage from it. I’ve not yet signed my NDA so I don’t know if Alpha 0 footage will ever be able to be shown, however, I’m going to say from my past experience I doubt it. Given the rough version of the game we are getting, I imagine they want this to be their first experiment in making sure their server setup and their early architecture is solid. Makes sense for a young company that doesn’t have experience publishing games.

There is one more week of raffles to get into the Alpha 0 testing. If you want to help support the Paradox Gaming Network, follow this link and register for Ashes. Currently have 71 people who have decided to support me via this method and I have at least $114.75 in Intrepid Bucks that I will end up cashing out and raffling off/giving away to players.

Archeage News

I seriously, do not even have words for this section of the blog this week.

Number one, the last live stream was an insult. I was genuinely offended that nobody was there to back Muzzy up. You take a guy, toss him in as the Archeage Community Manager, then leave him high and dry before the release of a major content update that is seriously going to fuck up the game. Ok, so someone had a tire issue. Fine, one person had a tire issue. Are you telling me there is nobody else on that team of people who can go in and backup Muzzy during the live stream?

Now, I don’t blame Muzzy for the stuff going on with the patch. I do, however, blame a community manager that doesn’t know enough about the game he is the manager for to know that he can walk 50 feet from where he is and re-spawn the pet he just dropped off the top of the library and killed. It's the little things like that make you turn your head and say “Really?” Now, I will give Muzzy his props, he did know that it was the Spellshift Orb that was needed to re-seal the Obsidian items, and he’s the new guy.

With regards to the rest of the stuff that we learned on Friday, seriously Trion: What directly the fuck?

Existing consumables continuing to be usable will be a total kick in the ass to new players. Anyone with a business mind has already stocked up on thousands of these. Yes, thousands. The moment that the announcement was made, Paradox went into full production mode of Spell Books and Kingdom Hearts. I will have consumables for years, or until they are finally deactivated.

Secondly, the decision to make gems removable and resocketable and not salvageable, where did this idea come from and who thinks its a good idea? Honestly I didn’t get a fax, I didn’t get a memo, I didn’t get invited to provide any input on this subject. Fine, I can accept this. I do, however, want to point out that I have the ability to draw an opinion base of 500+ players so if you were going to do something silly like this. Now, if its the people at Trion who made this decision because it's what’s best for the players I’d like to remind you that more than half the time the people on the livestream don’t know what in the hell they are talking about.

I think the 4.0 patch is going to do some long lasting damage to Archeage, followed by the “re-mastered” server coming out in Korea.

If Trion wants to figure out how to build a better community, they should send some staff over to the Intrepid Discord and just watch how Steven and company do things.


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