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The Speed of Success

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You know, every week I think it’s going to be the week where the tempo here at the Paradox Gaming Network slows down, and then every week it ends up being a more intense week than the week before. I need to stop thinking it's going to slow down because this community is growing. So no more introduction let's just jump right in.

Paradoxical Impressions

I’m so sorry that this week’s episode of Paradoxical Impressions was pushed late. The episode was actually done and uploaded on time, however, YouTube is flagging all of my (and most other creators) content as “unsuitable for advertisements.” While I don’t make a lot of money on my videos, I like to treat every dollar I do make like a donation from you guys. I don’t want to see a couple hundred views get lost in the shuffle because of an algorithm error. So I’ve been uploading the videos and sitting on them until the flag clears off. This week, that just took a little longer than normal.

Rest assured that I will work on getting these out on a more timely basis, which probably means cutting a few extras and getting them stockpiled and released slowly.

The next big focus of my impressions will be on the question “What is an MMO?” If you want to mix it up with a philosophical discussion I suggest you check out this week’s episode which I’ve placed down to the right.

Archeage 101 Live & Twitch

This week’s Archeage 101 Live was another huge success so thank you so much guys. This week we got pushes from the Archeage Twitter, the Trion Creator’s Program Twitter, even Scott Hartman CEO of Trion Worlds gave it a like.

I am still amazed at how quickly this program is taking off, and I have all of you to thank for that as well. We had a max count of 23 viewers but held solid at an average of 17 viewers which is huge for only having had 31 followers when the show began. All in all we had more than 85 different people pop in and out. All those things are great but what I’m more happy about is we had 22 people actually chat in the 90 minutes were were live and we had 175 chat messages. That’s pretty good considering I do all the talking.

This week we will be live again, hopefully from the PTS, but no promises it will be launched by then. 1300 Eastern / 1800 GMT at

Even more important new though: The Paradox Gaming Network Twitch hit the requirements for the Twitch Affiliate program. So inside one calendar year we have hit all but one of my major goals.

Ashes of Creation

This week’s Ashes of Creation video is a re-cap of the livestream, the blog, and then just some loose ends that needed addressing. I won’t be putting out another Ashes of Creation video for a while, so now is a good time to send me all your questions so I can have a list of things to start researching for you all. The reason why I won’t be putting out another video for a while is due to the holiday, and then the NDA that surrounds Alpha Zero make make things iffy. However, as soon as there is more stuff to put out, I will fire up the equipment and get that next video out for you.

Speaking of the Alpha Testing, do you still want your chance to get invited to the Alpha-0 testing? Follow this link: and sign up. Just creating an account gives you a chance to get an Alpha-0 key and it will also give you access to the forums so you can poke around and see all the goodness that is Ashes of Creation.

Archeage News -

The only thing I am going to comment on about Archeage this week is that their ISP is under a DDOS which is why we are having so many disconnects.

There is so much more I want to say this week, but, I learned from the book Lincoln on Leadership sometimes you have to just sit on something before you talk about.

This is me sitting.


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