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Hat-trick Video Week

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Had another very busy week here at the Paradox Gaming Network.

First and foremost put out three different videos, which was a little taxing for the schedule but it was incredibly fun. Already have the line up on the next Archeage Video and mostly have the next idea for the Fortnite video. The follow-up Ashes of Creation video will probably have to take a bit longer and I’m really digging into everything that has already been published to ensure I get all the information into a single video.

I’m also really stoked to announce that Paradox already has a Patreon sponsor which means some amount of monthly income. I honestly thought by putting it up I’d get a couple of people to throw down like a $1 a month and we’d slowly limp along making money. Figured sometime next year I’d have enough to do the Apex raffle and that really would be about it. Well, imagine my surprise when the first person dropped down a $20 a month sponsorship. So to Mr. Jonathan Bentley thank you for your initial support.

I was also asked a question this week about video production and roughly how long it takes to do a twenty minute or longer video. The truth of the matter is it can take 6-10 hours to put together a video. This includes the time going into game and actually getting the footage, to the time developing the slides and doing research. Those two things are actually the time consuming parts as generating footage does take time. Once I have all the footage I have to do the video and audio editing. Luckily, I’ve already purchased Filmora and Wavepad so it makes it a lot easier.

Finally this week, I stuck my toes into the world of streaming. I spent a little time working on using Voicemeeter Banana to clean up the white noise on my audio so I could stream. Sadly, this is some 20 hours of my life I’ll never get back. There is just something about my rig and my set-up that generates white noise regardless of what I try to do to clean it up. I’m going to have to spend some more time figuring this out. This doesn’t mean I’m not going to stream, it just means you are probably going to hear some light music in the background until I can figure out what I’m doing. Damn it Jim, I’m a clicker not a sound engineer.

The monthly Trion Creators Raffle closes at Midnight on 22 October. So if you do not yet have a Squirel Glider, make sure to click on the contest.

Finally, the arrival date of our new creator is nearly set in stone. We know she will be joining the staff before the first of the year, which means her introductory video will probably hit the page in mid-December.

Archeage News

It has been a very long time since I felt the frustration that a new player feels. I think all of us who are already in Divine or Epic grade gear with our weapons flushed and figured our forget how much ass pain is involved with gear. For the last two weeks I’ve been trying to get +3.0% evasion gems in my gloves. Now when I started this project I had two 3.0% and three 1.5% scales. When I pulled out the first scale, I got the third 3.0% gem in. Now some 30,000 gold later, I’m right back to having three 3.0% gems in, and I’ve said that’s good enough.

Literally some 28,000 gold when ka-boom trying for something better. I now remember the feeling of trying to get my first divine set.

Archeage is also really beginning to feel stale. The last couple of events really haven’t done much to inspire any “I want to go out and do things.” Watching several pirates basically cheat during this current fishing event, and really guys you are 8.8k and 7K= do you really need to cheat and drop a mailbox and a warehouse on the event guy, basically made me realize Archeage is on life-support. There is no catch-up mechanic available at least not on a grand scale. The player nations and large zerg guilds will continue to control everything.

I hope the rest of the MMO development community takes a look at AA to learn from it. You cannot have content on isolated servers that is the end all, be all content, unless your servers are huge. Unless XL Games really takes a look at the game and how its Western market differs from its KR Market, I’m thinking the game is pretty well doomed.

Regardless, I will still do my Archeage 101 video series every week with the hope that one day the lightbulb will click and someone will think “We need to fix Archeage”


Ok, for such a silly game, this thing is really growing on me. I love that I can drop in, play a few games, and then be done with it. There’s absolutely no penalty for taking a few days off. Even your science research points build up and accumulate when offline. Best of all, there’s no Pay to Win. Yes, the people on your team may have dumped a couple of hundred dollars on the game, but guess what? It's you vs the zombies.

In PvP mode it doesn’t matter if you are a free to play or you bought the game, nothing from the paid side of the PvE game comes into the PvP Battle Royale.

So, if you are looking for just a comical cartoony shoot ‘em up. Check out the Battle Royale mode.

This week’s video was on building. I sort of felt like Bob Vila on This Old House.

Ashes of Creation

Seriously, this game is just making me want to quit playing Archeage so I can become a student of this game and follow it until release. Would give me time to actually play some other console games that I’ve bought and never touched.

This week I did another video on Ashes, going over the Archetypes and Skills. Getting into the details this week really stoked me up for this game. I’m really excited to hear what the 64 Archetype Combination names are.

I would have thought everyone would have heard about this game by now, but imagine my surprise when I got 29 Referrals this week. That means 29 people who read my blog or watch my videos hadn’t already signed up for this game’s Website.

So, let me push this again to you. Why do you want to sign up for the website this early knowing the game doesn’t come out for another year? Alpha and Beta keys. That’s right, they just randomly pull people and give Alpha and Beta keys. Sounds like a great reason to stop what you are doing and head over there.

To get there, I’m going to ask you for a favor. Follow this link: and register. What I’m hoping is that I can get enough people following the game via my link that they invite me into the early Alphas so I can do a ton of testing for them. You know me, I love testing games, finding bugs, and giving them good honest feedback on balance. Plus, when the NDA gets lifted I’ll have so much material ready for you that you’ll drown in a sea of your own drool. Ok, maybe not, but you’ll at least need a dry T-Shirt.


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