• Jahlon

24 September 2017

Network News

I thought last week was busy, that was nothing compared to this week.

This week saw the production of two Archeage 101 videos as well as a light-hearted demonstration that you can in fact solo Greater Hadir’s Farm. The two AA101 videos were on gearing, and apparently they’ve gone over really well not only with the players but also with the Trion Staff. I got a Kudos from one of the Trion staff members basically just thanking me for doing the videos.

Now, to clear up a question I’ve been asked a couple of times this week. I do not get anything for being a Trion Creator. No free stuff for myself, no cash, nothing. The only thing I get are the codes I have to giveaway to people, however, those get me people to subscribe to my channel so I think of it as a very symbiotic relationship.

Also, I have reached out to Epic Games in the hope they will spot me a new account for a week so I can do a Fortnite 101 series. Of course it won’t be called Fortnite 101, I’ll have to think of something different, but I need the new account to grab the video footage I need.

Archeage News

Fresh off the presses 4.5 Patch Notes are up and available from our friends at This is all I’m going to say about Archeage this week. The link to omnom is off to the left. Remember though this is the 4.5 patch. We still are waiting for 4.0 in NA/EU later this year.

Conviction News

Honestly, with the gearing project I’m working on, I’ve only been hitting some of the highlight raids (Whale, Aegis, Falcorth). It is pretty clear though that the merger between Ollo, Tahyang and Salphira (at least on the East) is going to be a bloody one.

There are a lot of people in the East who like to talk the talk. What is very quickly becoming evident though is that they cannot walk the walk. It's also really bizarre but the Salphira people, for the most part, are like a pack of rabid dogs. Loyal to each other, very loud and mean rabid dogs. I like this sorta of development. It shows that while we fought amongst ourselves on our home server, that the cohesion we had developed stayed with us during the transfer.

Atlas Reactor News

Sorry Atlas Reactor, I’m cheating on you with Fortnite.


So, I think what they’ve done with Fortnite is awesome. You can actually play the PvP version of the game for free. It’s a 100 person last man standing Battle Royale.

If you are interested, here is the link, or you can click the picture to the upper right and root around till you find Battle Royale.

Game on the Horizon: Ashes of Creation

So, I’m sorta keeping an eye on Ashes of Creation. I decided I wouldn’t buy into any more kickstarters because after COE, The Repopulation, Life is Feudal, and a few other disasters, I’ve come to the conclusion that the gaming community should wait until a game is solid before putting any money into it.

Ashes of Creation though, it looks like it's going to be great. I’ve included a link here and up to the right. You should go and register and check it out just to be kept up to date. I’ll be posting some notes here and there about the game trying to at least get people’s interests peaked.


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