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For the Week Ending 3 September

Network News

First up in Network News is that we are at 399 Subscribers on our YouTube channel. I was really hoping to hit the 400 mark this week,however, I’m sure we'll hit that later today.

Next up, is that the September Creator Codes are for more Squirrel Gliders, so I have 24 that I’ll be giving away. The first nine will be given away on 28 August from comments posted on the Evolution II video and only on the Evolution II video. The other 15 will be split up for videos that are posted after Evolution.

I’m also considering a weekly stream, however, I want to make sure that I have a good lineup of different things to talk about or a good stack of games to go through.

As far as videos, we only made one this week, since it was on Archeage Vehicles, and that was a much larger task than originally anticipated. We didn’t do any “highlight” videos which I will talk about in the Salphira news.

Also, if you play Trove, I have codes for Trove I can give away.

Archeage News

This was a busy week as far as Archeage is concerned. If you read last week’s blog, you will notice that my agenda was trying to get Trion to understand that their 24 hour land lock is a horrible idea. I was successful in my agenda of getting it reviewed. Now success is measured differently by different people. Yes, I got the issue discussed and I got a response directly from Celestrata Bloodsong here.

Now, while they were willing to address the numerous points I brought up, they did not change their course, nor at this time did they respond to my response

Salphira News

Salphira continues to be what it always has been, a toxic cesspool of salt and tears. Of all the power organizations/alliances that have been on the server, Pokemon is by far the worst and are the type of guilds I always talk about when I say who is responsible for the death of a server.

The only thing Pokemon has going for them is their bankroll, and even then, even with their income of at least 750,000 gold per month (and that’s guessing low) they still have so much to learn about tactics that come Conviction they are going crumble.

I made video after video poking fun at Pokemon, and they responded in public that it didn’t bother them; however, I know it did bother them. I know this because several of their members, while loyal to their nation, are more loyal to their teacher and mentor.

The responses of “You can attack a crystal with 1 ships and 4 rare cannons” is just an asinine statement. While yes, it is true that you can do it, you can also defend a crystal with one ships vs one, or two ships versus four if you really know what you are doing. Maybe instead of loading up all these alts and trying to dual box, you figure out how to control the crystal with what you have. Maybe instead of guild flaring around the map you realize that you already have what you need to win the event you just need to learn how to employ it.

As far as their ground game, Pokemon needs to learn how to use what they have in classes instead of just relying on numbers, gearscore and pots. Yes, I am a 7.5k Cleric, but when you have 7 people vs 1 with two of you fully potted and you still can’t burn down one cleric, I just don’t know what to tell you. Once you face equal numbers with equal gear you are destined to lose every time.

Atlas Reactor

Still loving this game as a time passer. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. Its 100% free and you have nothing to lose by giving it a chance. If you follow the link on this webpage it will give you access to all the freelancers for 7 days.


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