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Evolutions: The sky is not falling

Network News

What a week, tons of things went on this week. Our video publication schedule got shifted a bit. For Part X we did Costumes and Undergarments instead of Guild Cloaks due to the time requirement of setting up that other video. The guild cloak one will be done as this week.

For Archeage we now have 27 Squirrels in stock so giveaway, so we are going to give 6 away on the Part X video and 6 Away on the Part XI video just to burn these up.

Archeage News

Evolutions: The Sky is NOT falling

Ok guys, first things first, yes Archeage is about to have a series of Evolutions.

Let’s start with the obvious question: What is an Evolution?

An Evolution is a server merge, when 3 servers that are already established come together to form one new server. All of the details about the server merge can be found on Trions Website here.

The Forums Q&A is here.

To the right, you will see the video I have put out regarding Evolutions, hopefully this will be of a great insight for you.

If you aren’t interested in reading any of this, the highlights for you are this: 1) you are not losing your stuff, 2) you are not losing your buildings 3) you are losing your land and you will have to do the mad rush to get your favorite spot back.

Beyond that, we won’t have any more details on Evolutions until August 16.

In other Archeage news, it appears as if we will get the 3.7 and the 4.0 Patch all at the same time. Again, we don’t have much information to go on, but it looks like AA is going to be getting some very serious updates here in the near future.

Salphira News

After a few videos poking fun at them, Pokemon seems have gotten their tail-feathers in a bunch. They seem to be ultra-aggressive now, going after the East all the time at events. Pretty funny considering they have an average gear score in their guild of 6297 but they still have members with sub 5K gear scores. Also, rumors are running wild regarding the gender of most of the new members. Someone even quirked asking if there was some sister wives action going on in Pokemon.

Apex, Platin and the rest of RedRum are doing their thing, and that thing is costing Pokemon merchant ships. Sure, RedRum is losing Dominions, but who cares gold is gold. Could this be the reason Pokemon is now having to resort to moving Nuian cargo up to Diamond Shores on the backs of its members using the Enoan and arriving after the offload point is in peace? I’m not sure, but it seems to be the uncertainty of the seas when RedRum is online could be the reason.

The worst part is, for all the Galleons and Gear Score they have, they can’t even deny the East content. When the East, the West and pirates are all at the same event, it becomes very difficult for Pokemon to contend.

If you check my blogs from the past couple of weeks, you will see that I was already calling out the problems Pokemon was going to have long before the Evolution was announced. Professoroak and the rest of the Pokemon have poisoned the recruitment well. Nobody from Salphira that hasn’t already joined them is going to want to join them. The people from the other servers have already seen that Pokemon have to full pot to take down one cleric.

The pokemon will now find themselves in a situation where finding replacements for any members they lose will be difficult. They are also now on a finite clock, the amount of time they have to free-farm has an expiration date. The sad part is they follow in the footsteps of SlayerS, We Few, and OsO, where they could have been in a much better position to go to Conviction and be a superpower.

The new server is going to be interesting to say the least.

Atlas Reactor

Nothing new on this one. My personal averages are looking better. I’m actually surprised that Elle has dropped to my number 4. Kaigan was my main go to guy, but I’m pretty sure NEV:3 is going to be my favorite for a long time.


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