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Week of 25 June 17

Network News

Well the recent YouTube marketing seminar I watched seemed a little corny at first, but everything they said was spot on. Getting those first 100 subscribers is the hard part. We are up 66 subscribers in the last 28 days and we are getting some great feedback on the videos. I really do appreciate the feedback on the videos. The videos are fun to make, but they are time consuming as well. Plus, when you work on a project long enough you start to hear what you wanted to say not what you said.

I’ve made the decision that every 5 videos, I’m going to do a faux pas video and go back and fix things that were mis-represented. That way the community who takes the time to point out stuff to me will feel like their contributions are worthwhile. So if you see something that I said that was wrong or unclear, just post a comment under the video.

Also, in other great news, the Paradox Gaming Network will be my full time job soon, so hopefully I can get more content out each week.

Archeage News

A lot of people are upset about the new trade system in 3.5. Everyone who knows me and has followed me on the Archeage Forums since Alpha will realize that 90% of the time I’m the champion of the player base and trying to point out the things that are totally broken in the game. However, this time I cannot take the players side on the 3.5 trade system being “broken”.

I’m only paying attention to the cargo buildings when I pass by them, and even then I’ve pulled some 100-200 a day. On the days when I actually wanted to run charcoal I’ve pulled in 600-1000. What a lot of people have said is that the larder bottleneck is the problem. When you break it down, the larders aren’t the problem. The royal seeds are part of the problem, but also nobody wants to run larders because they feel like they don’t get the cargo packs because of bots, alts, thieves whatever.

That second part is the issue. The fact it changed to a 14/8/4 ratio to get 2 cargo, that’s not the problem. The only problem is if bots are being used to pull the cargo.

The other problem is you can buy a Captain’s protection for 5 Gold, run a pack for 33 gold profit and basically make 28 gold on your side screen just running packs all day. Something needs to be done about that one otherwise the problem with Altage is going to get worse and worse.

Salphira News

Salphira is a tragic tale that gets told over and over and over again, but nobody ever learns from it. What we have at the moment is another powerhouse guild with a powerhouse alliance that is starting to run out of things to do. You see, the average player on Salphira just wants to be left alone, and when the wolves fight the other wolves, the sheep don’t care, but when the wolves start feeding on the sheep, you start to get a rebellion.

Those fires burned when SlayerS denied the server any sort of content. They burned when We Few dominated everything. The third guild the dominated the server, oso, at least tried to build bridges with the faction, which kept them out of guild for a long time. Even Pokemon came to the server with good intentions and built good relations with the East, and now suddenly they are more concerned with with keeping the gold coin coming in with their business relationship with Reckless.

To what end though? What do you do when you have a number of people people who are over 7K gear score but don’t actually ever fight equally geared people? What’s worse, is what do you do when no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to insulate yourselves from two pirates that continually steal from you?

Lots of things on the horizon. Word of several people going back to the pirate faction to be able to contest Pokemon without criminal charges is one of those things. Another is that some old Salphirans are coming back home for a bit because the money is just too good to not come here. Finally, like the pestilence that precedes the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, there are rumors of a guild coming here because there is a group of people to fight.

The next few weeks of Salphira are going to get interesting.

Atlas Reactor News

I think Trion may have missed the mark on the Chapters of Season 3. It seems like a lot of time between each one. There is almost a month between each chapter which seems like a really long time, but hey, its a free to play game that’s fun as hell so I’m not going to complain, I’m just going to play my 1-2 matches a day and spend more time in Archeage.


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