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Week of 18 June 2017

Week of 18 June 2017

Network News

This past week was a good week for the Paradox Gaming Network. We managed to hit our 100th subscriber on our Youtube Channel. What they say about the first 100 subscribers being the hardest is true. We not only hit our 100th, but we got an additional 11 this week. So in the past 28 days we’ve gotten 50 new subscribers. That puts a very big smile on my face.

If you are looking for us, you can find us in game on Salphira or on Discord. To find me on Discord friend Jahlon#8446.

Also, it is still way early in development, but I’m considering going back to streaming as well as YouTubing. Not sure when I’m going to get to this, but it is on the development board.

Finally, our next giveaway is going to be an Apex on either Salphira (N/A) or Sirothe (EU). Make a comment on any Archeage 101 video (Part IV or later) and after the YouTube channels hits 200 subscribers we will raffle off the Apex.

Archeage News

News from Trion, Archeage has a new Community Manager, his name is Joe “The Blue Muzzy” Brogno aka Muzzy on the forums. I stopped by his Twitch yesterday ( just to see him play a little Archeage, and let me say two things impressed me. First, he cusses almost as good as a member of the military, almost. Second, he doesn’t pretend he knows anything. Dude literally couldn’t figure out how to trade with someone so he literally asked on his stream, and he was reading the comments on his Twitch Channel. That’s a community manager I can get behind. Anyone who says they are going to get smart about a game before they start trying to do anything, that’s leadership.

Moving on, this week's Archeage 101 Video is Part IV of the series and it focuses on Leadership. A lot of people were asking me questions this week about Leadership, and ironically I got asked more questions about Leadership then I did about making gold. So the leadership video is up on our YouTube channel here.

I have two other videos currently in work. I have Part V of the Archeage 101 series already started and that one is on using the opposite region for making gold. I also have a video on the new Vitalism Ancestral skills up hopefully this week. These two videos are somewhat on hold due to my sinus infection making me sound like I’m talking through a trumpet.

As far as the new trade system, I’m also working on a video for that. I’m not sure what people aren’t understanding but I’m pulling down 600+ charcoal a day and 500+ gold a day. I’ll try to break down the concept a little more with some visuals.

Salphira News

The average member of Salphira, specifically a member of the East, really just wants to be left alone. As long as you don’t mess with their potatoes too much, you don’t go out of your way to kill them, and you let them get the minimum level of content they need to feel like they are actually playing a game, they will pretty much never rise up. However, what every other guild who has tried to dominate the server has learned, that while you can fight one potato farmer, when 100 potato farmers start to work against you, life begins to suck. Can those potato farmers actually interfere with you? No, not so much. Do they begin to make a nuisance of themselves? Yes they do.

So it seems is the case with Salphira again. A lot of people are starting to become resentful of what’s going on, and I’m just really interested to see what’s going to happen.

Also, remember on Salphira if you need the public Apoc, Trade, or Armory house crest just mail Kandriss with the ones you need and let her know where the houses are.

Also, there is a Salphira Discord. If you need an invite ask Anitacelt or Nickcelt for the invite.

Atlas Reactor News

I got to spend some quality time with my side game this weekend. Game is coming along really well. I really hate how unbalanced Meridian is, however, everything else is looking good. The 5 games with a Freelancer may have been a little over the top. 3 Might have been a little better, mainly because I’m getting backlogged on my dailies.

If you haven’t played Atlas Reactor yet and you like turned based strategy, use the link on the Paradox Main page to get to the signup page and you’ll be able to use all the freelancers for one week.


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