• Jahlon

The State of Salphira

Transfers, Transfers, Transfers, oh how you have impacted Salphira for the best.

The East on Salphira has always struggled since the days of SlayerS. Anyone who wasn’t on the friends list was denied content. To fight SlayerS, most of the PvPers on the East went pirate. After SlayerS left, they stayed pirate and tried to be SlayerS. Then was the first coming of <oso> who helped the East, but when they left, We Few took back over the server. Then the second coming of <oso> and We Few struggled, but so did the East. While <oso> helped the East get some content, most of the East still struggled.

Everyone was certain that transfers were going to be the death of Salphira. With the lack of any sort of balance, and a dying population, people thought that Salphira would be a ghost town soon to be merged with probably Ollo. Nothing could be further from the truth.

First, to start with the pirates, Titled/Titled Squad has come to Salphira under the name “The Squad” and “Bonanza is Bad” Many of the <oso> players that remained on the server have gone pirate and there is suddenly a Pirate Civil War going on. Both groups, We Few and the S&B Alliance, have Enoans, which makes the entire concept of naval warfare all the most exciting. You’d think that the pirates would have the game on lock down and would be spending all their time fighting each other. That would have been the case were it not for some transfers.

Three new guilds have come to Salphira. Pokedex and Legion have arrived. The third guild has taken over management of CTRL. Plus, although they are not a transfer guild, the new Mayhem is also cut its teeth and has made a name for themselves under their name.

This group of reinforcements has made it possible for the East to succeed at killing and securing the packs from a Delphinad Ghost Ship. Also, the alliance contested Red Dragon for several hours, giving the pirates their first real challenge. While not successful at taking Kraken on Saturday, the East did manage to make an annoyance out of themselves for a good long while. All in all, there was 10 hours of PvP on Saturday, and the first time in a long time it wasn’t all one sided.

Video footage of this weekend should be coming soon. Check the Paradox Youtube Channel and subscribe.


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