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Archeage: Elections, Sieges, & More

With the return of <oso> to Salphira, things have been very interesting. <We Few> totally freaked out and turned it into a mission to drive them back off the server. Strangely they made deals with everyone, their brother, their sister, and the one legged lady down the street. Apparently, the logic goes something like this: You suck because you don’t come out and PvP us even though we have the highest gear score average on the server (5135), but you suck cause you work with <oso> who kicks our ass up and down the avenue and fuck you East for working with <oso> cause they are just going to purple you.

Ok, hold on a second here. We Few Kicks our ass, <oso> kicks their ass, and We Few is mad the East works with <oso>? Literally, what did We Few expect when the East finally had a chance to do something productive? Honestly, <oso> has kept to their word of they aren’t purpling, and they are just what the East needs to build positive traction. Think of <oso> like the 10,000 Spartans, and the rest of the faction as the 30,000 Free Greeks. Nobody is asking for a handout, but life is a lot easier when you allies. When <oso> leaves, maybe we can have some good fights cause the East will have gotten some gear.

This brings us to Mother’s Day and Sieges? And seriously Trion WTF? Can’t you look at a calendar and be like “Yo, XLGames….we need to bump sieges”?

The East purchased all 4 scrolls. Oso and CNTL will be Sieging Jempire and Vivid, and Knights of Fenrir have been forced to sit on the sidelines as their castle is vulnerable to siege. If KOF had left their guild, they won’t be able to rejoin in time to defend it should the fight shift venues. I don’t have a crystal ball available, but I think the East will have at least one castle when the dust settles.

Finally, the popularity of Paradox continues to grow. This month 5 of the top 20 heros were from Paradox, and 3 made it into office. Wolfessmoon (#5) Britanic (#9) & Vipergrin (#10 Heroes). We also had Saired and Amplitude who made it onto the list, but were not elected.

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