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Archeage Server Transfers, Hero Elections and More!

The coveted Archeage Server Transfers are here, and Salphira is saying goodbye to SlayerS. No matter what anyone says about Drax, Arrow and the rest of <SlayerS> what they accomplished on Salphira was nothing less than impressive. I’m going to miss my old comrades as they go onto better things and bigger fights. If you haven’t heard about server transfers yet, you can check out the official web page here.

With that said, it's Hero Election time again. The top 20 on Salphira is going to get interesting with a lot of new, non-SlayerS faces about to appear. There are going to be people who never dreamed they’d make the top 20 suddenly eligible for election. It should be nothing short of exciting to see how this election cycle turns out.

With that said the power vacuum in the East, and the server in general, is going to be crushing. The East is clearly the weakest of the three factions, with way too many guilds fragmenting too many of the very small PvP core in the East. The pirates and the West will be the dominant force for a while unless….maybe there will be a surprise server transfer that nobody is expecting. When the rules are throw out the window, anything can happen.


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