Archeage 101 - Section Twenty One Odds & Ends

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 Odds and Ends


Player made music


It is possible to make music in Archeage, however, this is not a particular activity I have ever engaged in so I know almost nothing about it.  All I know is occasionally someone will send me a piece of good sheet music and I carry it around and play it.


If you are looking to learn about sheet music, check out this guide.  Its old, but it's still accurate from

what I’ve been told.


Learning languages


It is possible to learn the opposing faction national dialect (Haranya or Nuia) but not the individuals languages.  So while an Easterner (Haranyan) can learn the Western Language (Nuia), an Easterner cannot learn Nuian, Elven, or Dwarven.  Likewise a Nuian, can learn Haranyan, but they cannot learn Harani, Firran, or Warborn.


Further still, you cannot learn the racial languages of your faction mates.   


In order to do this, you need to create Art of Language books and either learn the language at the Public Tutor in Marianople University or the City of Towers Library (from 1000 - 1900 in game time) or from a private tutor in cushion in your home.


The recommended method for doing this is via the Private Tutor cushion as each book equals 1% of the language, whereas the public cushion one book only equals a half percentage of the language.


Upgrading your first glider


As a low level character you want to make sure to get a better glider than you get issued.   This used to be an investment of materials, but now it is just 30 Gilda Stars. Once you are level 20 or higher and you have 30 Gilda Stars head to Mirage, buy the 3 plans, and head to a carpentry workbench.


Now, you can head to Mirage earlier than this at level at 10 when you have 5 Gilda Stars and again at 15 when you have 10 more, however, you shouldn’t need to piecemeal upgrade your glider this way.   

With the odds and ends out of the way we are officially done with our course.


We will, however, discuss Making Gold

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