Making Mistakes is OK


You are going to make mistakes when being a Content Creator.  Nobody starts off in this business and gets everything right the first time.  To be honest, most people get nothing right the first time.  This is a business of doing something and then making a change to it, and then making a change to that, and so on and so on.  Small adjustments.

Now, are there people who just seem to get things right the first time?  Sure.  There are people who seem to just nail everything perfectly.  Don’t worry about what the guy to your left or the girl to your right is doing.  Just worry about doing what it is you are doing, and making mistakes is what you are going to be doing.


You are going to make mistakes.  You are going to have screw ups. You are going to have bad streams.  You are going to send bad Tweets.  You are going to leave your OBS hot when you end a show.  You are going to forget to unmute your mic when you spend 20 minutes recording the footage for a YouTube video. 


Don't sweat the mistakes, don’t even sweat huge mistakes, just learn from them.  Don't keep making the same mistakes.  

With that said, also never make rash decisions, especially those types of rash decisions that are permanent.  While this is mainly about my mistakes, I feel compelled to share this one with my audience. 


There was a content creator on YouTube who was trying to get monetized.  He had nearly 100 videos and he was rapidly approaching the 1,000,000 view mark.


Having applied for the YouTube partner program twice and being denied he decided to remove all of the content that he thought was stopping him from getting monetized.  He removed 50 videos with over 600,000 views, representing 76% of his channel in an attempt to get monetized.  He still hasn't monetized.


So, he lost out on the little bit of YouTube money that views generate and at the same time completely gutted his channel.  The bad news is that there is nothing he can do to recover those views.  Once a video is deleted, it is deleted.  The good news is that since he had built a channel that reached almost 1,000,000 views, he has the skills to do it again, this time in a more monetized friendly format, but there were probably better ways to go about fixing that channel.  


Don’t make rash decisions.  Reach out to other people before you do something like that and seek advice, counsel, guidance. 


Last but not least, learn from other people’s mistakes. That’s the entire reason I’ve put this channel together.  I don’t want you to make the mistakes I’ve made; I want you to go out and make a whole lot of new mistakes.  Learn from those and then come back and tell me what you learned from them and maybe teach me something.