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This entire site is once again under construction

The very first thing I want to do is thank a very talented web programmer named Zettrex for all his help over the years. He built the organization a wonderful, beautiful page in react that we used for just over a year. This isn't it. Sadly, I can't fanthom how to use react, and thus while the page is very fashionable, it is not very functional for me to use. So, at the age of 44 I'm going back to college so I can figure out how to make webpages, becasue as I have learned in the three plus years since he's been helping me, HTML really is not the best solution. Until I can make progress in school, however, I'm going to go back to the very less sexy, but much easier to use version. Well easier to use for me. Products have three Fs (Fasion, Form, Function) and as sexy as the react website Zettrex built is, I just can't update it.