Archeage 101 - Section Sixteen: Becoming a hero

Key Terms in this Section

 Becoming a Hero


A feature that was added years ago is the Hero system.  Originally this was designed to be a system where 10 players per nation (East, West, Pirate, Player Nation) would rise up to lead their respective groups.  That was the plan anyway, unfortunately it didn’t work out that way.


The hero system quickly devolved into a race to secure hero slots as they used to grant 10,000 gold plus the coveted Toughness gem.  In time, they removed the 10,000 gold, and then eventually they increased the value of the Toughness gem to +300.


Now with the upcoming patch, the Hero System will finish going through its most recent revamp.


Number of Heroes


The number of heros in the game has dropped drastically.  Instead of the East and West getting 10 heroes each they will now get six, the player nations will get 3, and the Pirates will get 1.


“Leaders” of the Faction


While it could be assumed that Heroes are the leaders of a faction, there is nothing that actually compels the heroes to be good leaders.  Heroes can run around, bloodlusting, killing their own faction, but as long as they complete their leadership requirements and hero calls for the month they will pick up their rewards.


Why would you want to be a hero?


The main reason a person would want to be a hero is due to the 300 Toughness Gem that gets awarded if you meet the required activity level.  

With Heroes explained we can now discuss The Pirate Nation.

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