Black Desert
By Jahlon


If you enjoyed Archeage, but hated the RNG, this may be the game for you.   The character creation is great, the graphics stunning, the mini-games and side stuff distracting.   90 hours in and I'm not even level 20 yet, the game hasn't bored me for one second.


Check out the full review here.


Recommendation:   Why are you reading this review?   Start your game download.   


By Jahlon

Currently the game the majority of the people in Paradox are playing.  Just because its the game we are playing, that doesn't mean I took it easy on the review.  Full review is here.


Recommendation:   For a free to play its really really good.   Do not join if you have a gambling addiction, the RNG is brutal.  


By Wolfessmoon


Everyone judges this game on its horrible graphics.   Don't do this, instead jump in and see what kind of creations come to you.   Wolf's first review is here.     


Recommendation:   Highly Addictive!   Check it and you'll be hooked.     

Eve Online
By Jahlon


The gold standard of sandbox and emergent gameplay. If you are willing to devote some serious time into learning a game that is complex, rich and rewarding then Eve Online is the game for you.   Full review is here.   

Recommendation:   Jahlon’s #1 favorite game of all time. Will take some dedication, but if you want the best game on the market, this is it.  

Blade & Soul
By Jahlon and Snippet


This game is a breath of fresh air admist a bunch of stagnant and dying games in the MMO genere.    


I've only gotten a few hours of play time on it, but I'm already hyped about it.   Check out Jahlon's review here.  


For a different perspective, check out what Snippet has to say here.   


Recommendation:   Shut up and take my money!


Atlantica Online
By Jahlon
Elite Dangerous
By Jahlon


I was so excited for this game, and it turned out to be such a disappointment.   I was so upset about it that I wrote this article at on it.


You can access my original review here.


Recommendation:   Unless you want to get a Ph.D. in Aeronautics, gives this one a pass.  

Totally different game, based on a turn based system.  More a MMORTS on an MMO template.   Full review is here.


Recommendation:   Highly recommend Atlantica.  Its a great side game, or even a primary game if you are looking for something different for a while.   


Its rare that a game has no redeeming qualities.  Sandbox interactive has changed their sub model, they have been less than honest with their advertisement, they have pushed their beta by six months.  Nothing adds up.   Full review is here.


Recommendation:   Turn around and walk away from this game as quickly as you can.


Albion Online
By Jahlon

Ironsight Gameplay (no review)

A:IR (Ascent: Infinite Realm

Endless Space 2



Conqueror's Blade

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