The First Follower

Every day I work with new Content Creators I discover that they are only interested in getting their 100th subscriber or follower, their 1000th follower, but they never put any thought into the importance of their first follower, their fifth follower, those people that form the cornerstone of their community.   

The scariest thing for a streamer is to be streaming to ZERO people, but the scariest thing for a viewer is to be the FIRST viewer.  If you drop into a channel and there are 0 people there, you instantly think there is something wrong with the channel.   There is something wrong with the brand.  There is something wrong with the streamer.  People don’t want to be the first to try something, that’s scary stuff.  They want to be the person who follows the first follower.


I put this video together to talk about the Derek Sivers Ted Talk on the first follower, and how being a streamer is being a leader, since you have followers and some of the things you need to think about before you start applying all the other tips and tricks other people have put together.