The First Follower

Ever since I made Twitch Partner, I’ve been trying to reflect on what my journey to limited success looked like, both so I can figure out what the next step is, and also so I can help other people walk the path I had to walk.  The sad part of my road to Partner is that I basically did things the hard way, or more accurately the hard-headed way.

One thing that has remained constant through this first year of helping people, is that pretty much every Content Creator I run into is worried about getting their 50 followers for affiliate, or the three average viewers for affiliate, or even their 1000th subscriber on YouTube for monetization.  This should absolutely, positively, NOT be your goal. 

Your first and foremost goal should always be that you are not streaming to zero people.  You want to leverage whatever you can to get people viewing your show.  Friends, Family, Guildmates if you are a gamer, get someone, anyone into the channel so your viewer count is a 1 and not a red 0.  If you absolutely cannot get someone in to watch you, then you want to log into your own channel and watch yourself with your phone.  That way your viewer count is a 1.  Why is this so important? 

As scary as it is to be a streamer, its also scary to be a viewer.  When someone drops into your channel and they see no other viewers, the immediate response is to think something is wrong with the channel.  People will think there is something wrong with the brand, the quality, the streamer.   There is a certain pressure that comes with being the first follower, and most new viewers don’t want to be your first follower.

In discipline of Leadership, the Leader and the “First Follower” have almost equally important roles in the relationship.  If you have never seen the Derek Sivers Ted Talk on the first follower, you should absolutely positively look that up and watch it.  This Ted Talk is so potent, that the United States Air Force Officer Training School uses it during one of their lessons.  Think about that for a second.  The USAF OTS, an institution designed for teaching new officers LEADERSHIP uses this Ted Talk.

Now, I know what you are going to say, you are going to say you aren’t a leader you are just a streamer.  Wait, those are 2 different things?

Being a streamer is absolutely about being a leader.  You have the microphone, you have the camera, you LEAD the discussions, you LEAD the experience.  If your response is that you are just an entertainer, well my counter to that is do you want to be a 0-1 average viewer entertainer, or do you want to be a 75-100 viewer entertainer?

If you want to grow your brand, if you want more viewers, more followers, and surprise more FINANCIAL supporters in terms of subscriptions, bits, tips, patreon sponsors, etc, then you are going to have to step up and be a leader.

The attached video is a little more in-depth for this, but if you want to skip my video and go right to the Derek Sivers Ted Talk you can go here: