Archeage 101 - Section Nineteen: Daily things to do

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Things to do on a daily basis

This video is the original list of things that you should be doing on a daily basis, however, this section is currently in massive re-write.

Personal Dailies and Daily World Events

Dailies in Archeage fall into several categories.  As we have already discussed you have your Guild

and Family dailies which you should be doing on a daily basis for Guild Prestige, Guild XP, Vocation Badges and Family XP.  

On top of those dailies, there is an actual list of dailies you get every day at reset.  Now there there several rewards you can get from this.  As you see in the picture if you complete 3 dailies you will get a Gilda Star, 5 will get you will get you one Prime Tenacious Giftbox and finishing all 7 will get you a second one.   


Now, the trick to these are that when you hit the appropriate level, they do take a one time purchase to unlock.  The Archemaster tier requires 50 gilda stars and the Heroes Reborn level takes a Specialization Snowflake. Now while these do seem like big investments, they are worth it and pay for themselves pretty quickly.   


Important Daily Quests


I’m going to take a moment to call out the Hiram dailies here because if you do nothing else every day, do your Hiram dailies.


Hiram gear is covered in depth in the gearing section, but I wanted to make sure to include the dailies in this section.  These should be the most important thing you do every day, especially since there are achievements for various tiers of completing these quests which begin to provide an enormous amount of free infusions, in fact when you finish all 600 dailies you will have received over 589 free mysterious infusions and 45 unidentified infusions just from the achievement rewards.


Daily World Events

In addition to daily quests that are given to you, there is a fairly long list of events that you can, and should, do every day.  These are usually done with your faction, but most can be done with your player nation or as pirates (Grimghast being the exception).


Crimson Rift (CR)


Crimson Rift is an event that happens in Ynystere and Cinderstone at 1200 in game time and in Sungold Fields at 1800.  The objective is kill all three waves of mobs. The reward for CR is 900 honor and 6 Infusion Supply Kits.   These boxes contain either a single Hiram Infusion or 3 Rank 2 Abyssal Enhancers.  The Hiram infusions are used for leveling Hiram Gear and the Abyssal Enhancers are used for leveling up dungeon gear.  More on these items in the gear section.


There are optional bosses that spawn after the majority of the CR are destroyed in both locations called the Hounds of Kyrios (which will satisfy the Guild Daily for a World Boss Kill.  The boss mechanics for the Hounds is very similar to the one for the GR bosses so I’m going to do a section specifically on how to defeat these bosses.


In Sungold there is a World Boss named Anathalon that spawns after the Hounds of Kyrios is dead.  This is a world boss that drops the Anthalon Gear (Corrupted Kyrios Items). He will be covered in the World Boss Section.   


Grimghast Rift


Grimghast Rift (GR) is an event that starts at 0000 in game time and begins in Caernord and Seachild Wharf.   


There are a couple of steps that you need to go through in order to to get to the actual first.  First you must pick up the quest, then you must delivery 10 basic material (fabric, iron ingots, lumber, stone bricks, leather) to a destination either Fortress for Haranya or Burnt Castle Camp for Nuia.  This quest opens at 2000 in game time.


After that you need to gather up 2 packs for yourself, and cart them to near the Village of Nui’s Way for Haranya or down near the Community Center for Nuia.  Now the trick to this is you only need to bring down 2 packs for yourself, but the Catapult you are building requires roughly 100 packs to be completed.


Once the catapult is complete you will be able to pick up a Harpoon that will be used to defeat the undead soldiers.   Now, it is possible to beat the undead with traditional attacks, it just takes a long time to do per mob.


One trick is that if your faction doesn’t finish the catapult, you can swing over to the other factions catapult area once you have turned in your 2 packs and have your certificate, and then pick up a harpoon and double back.   Even 1-2 harpoons makes clearing the mobs easier.


The waves of mobs you need to complete the quest begin spawning at 0100.  When the majority of the mobs are destroyed two bosses will appear. For completing GR you get 900 honor and 6 Infusion Supply


CR & GR Bosses


The mechanics for the GR and CR bosses are very similar, so to detail out the strategy is easiest if we first talk about their differences.


The CR Bosses (Hounds of Kyrios) are linked bosses, which means if you aggro one you aggro the other one, while the GR Bosses (Nightmare Bowstring and Nightmare Blade) can be doing separately.  They do not automatically link and you can quite literally leave the other one wandering around and deal with them one at a time. Also, the GR bosses have a special attack called “The Time of Nightmares” when this casting down from 9 second (it's a golden orb buff the boss gets) people need to use the second function on their harpoons to interrupt it.  If the ability goes off everyone will be frozen and most people will die, although seriously tanky people can usually live through and wind up at low health.


Those are the major differences.   The rest is similarities.


These bosses have a special mechanic that once you are on their aggro table, if you get more than 5.1 meters away from them, they will stop trying to hit you with their sword and they will start trying to shoot you with their cannon, which renders them immune to all damage.      


Now, for CR in an ideal world where nobody is doing anything silly, everyone will be stacked up like this. Everyone stacked nicely inside the radius of 5.0 meters of both hounds.  Now, this gets a little harder given that there can now be 100 people in a raid, and getting 99 people on the flanks of two hounds that are known to jump around isn’t easy.  It can be done however, if everyone is smart about it.


What you don’t want to see is this.  In this example you have a handful of people outside of the 5.0 meter radius, so the hound on the left is going to go immune and begin shooting at that small group.  The good news is, since everyone is still inside the radius of the hound on the right, you can still burn that one and hopefully quicky.


What you really don’t want to see in CR is this.   When you have people who have gotten on the aggro table of both hounds, who are outside of the 5.0 meter radius of both hounds.  This creates a situation where both hounds are immune and shooting at the raid. Which is going to, without a doubt cause people to scatter, instead of holding their ground and letting the healers do their jobs, which will make the hounds shuffle around, shooting and being immune to damage.


Luckily, as I said, the GR bosses are a lot easier.   Just aggo one of them.




Mistmerrow is another faction based war objective, however Mistmerrow opens up the combatants list to all the factions.  While they have made some minor adjustments to the Mistmerrow fight over the years, the objective of the event works something like this.


Just like Halcyona, you will need to port to your faction headquarters and pick up a quest.  From there you take the portal to Mistmerrow, turn in that quest and pick up an easy 100 Honor.


After that you pick up two more quests.  The first is The Cursed Towers where you have to earn 100 points destroying Center Towers and the towers that spawn along with them at the six spawn points.  This will net you 500 honor.


The other quest for Mistmerrow is to place in the top 4.  The reward for this honor based on what place you take and 10 Leadership.  One important note for the Mistmerrow fight is to ensure that you do not respawn if you die right when the match is ending.  You must be in Mistmerrow at the end of the fight to get credit for completing this quest. If you are porting in or respawning you are technically not “in” Mistmerrow and you will not get quest completion.   


After Mistmerrow ends, there is a World Boss Event that can occur, if the prerequisite requirement is met.  At the West, North East and North West towers there will be Hereafter Gates. If all 3 are destroyed Kadum will appear on the West side of the black lake in the center of the map.


There is a quest that goes along with the first step called Defeat the Crimson Army.  The reward for finishing this is an impressive 3 Guild XP and 2 Prestige. That it does do, however, is open the path to complete Assault on Mistmerrow which is a quest that requires you to have been present for a gate kill and to Kill Kadum.  For this you will received 600 honor.

The Kadum right is pretty much a straight up fight, with a lot of moving pieces but nothing too difficult.  You want to stay to the left or the right of Kadum, standing in front of him is problematic.


During the fight he will begin to use WHAT ability.  This is an AOE centered off several of the people attacking him.  At the time time he will use WHAT Ability.  This causes people to lose control of their characters, which can be a major issue if you are trapped inside several overlapping circles.   


Even though Kadum is technically a world boss, he is including in the Mistmerrow section because he doesn’t drop any unique loot and doesn’t have a World Boss item associated with him.




Luscas is a nightly naval event that occurs inside the Sea of Graves.  There is a quest called Luscas Awakening you pick up at your Diamond Shores dock if you are Haranyan or Nuian, on Growlgate if you are a Pirate, or in Diamond Shores near the Mistsong Portal if you are a member of a member of the Player Nation.  There is also a portal that will take you to the Sea of Graves.


The objective is simple.  Get on a boat, sail out, and find which of the three spots the Luscas are spawned at.  Kill 5 Luscas without dying to the Luscas or to enemy boats.  If you manage to do this you will earn 900 Honor, 10 Leadership, a gilda star and 10 Shatigon Sand.   




Abyssal Attack is an event that happens on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  During this event inside the sea of graves a minute Kraken will ascend the lighthouse on Whirlpool Isle in the center of the Sea of Graves.  The Kraken must be killed by either a concentrated or contested effort of the nations on the server. Once the Kraken dies the island will be surrounded by packs that award Gilda stars, as well as Luscas that can be killed in fulfillment of the Luscas Awakening Quest.


At this point, in order to complete the quest you either 1) need to belong to the faction that successfully channels the Light on the Island so you can go and get the flag buff, or 2) you need to be onboard a ship that successful destroys one of the three crystals that spawn in the same spots the Luscas spawn at while someone on the center island is trying to channel.      


Abyssal is also an event that is responsible for generating a massive amount of gold by means of the Whirlpool Isle Refined Crystal Packs.  This portion of the event is detailed in the making gold section.

Aegis Island & Whalesong


Aegis Island and Whalesong have events attached to them that used to be deliberately farmed several times a day, however, since my return to Archeage I’ve not seen any real efforts to push these events.  If they happen to occur on your server you’ll want to know about them


Aegis Island


On Aegis Island there is an event to defeat 3 giant lizards in the center of an area.   The quests associated with the event are based on making sure you kill 15 specific mobs per wave and killing the final lizard.  Additionally you need to ensure that you are helping the NPCs that are attacking the lizards, as the lizards have a buff that generates a massive damage reduction to player damage.  


The reward for these quests is: 900 honor, 6 Acid Goblets, and 10 Leadership for finishing the Defend the Seal parts 1,2, and 3.  Additionally, the three defend the Seals part grant 100/300/500 honor for each. Additionally, at the end of the fight you can a portal up to the altar and get an additional acid Goblet.  




Whalesong is another event that requires a number of things to be killed, but instead of killing giant lizards, for this event you are protecting the center tower.   As long as healers occasionally throw a healing pad down or feeding it HP via Holy Bolt it is rare that the tower is destroyed before Jakar is finished.


A key thing for players to understand during Jakar, is that when he has the shield buff, he needs to have that buff removed via the cannons.


The reward for these quests is: 900 honor, 8 Cursed Armor Fragments and 10 leadership for finishing the Whalesong Siege parts 1, 2, and 3.  Additionally the three Whalesong Siege parts grants 100/300/500 honor each.


Quest Log


One thing I want to point out about dailies is found in the quest log.  While, not so big a problem now, in the past people could literally max out their allotment of quests and they’d be standing there dumbfounded trying to figure out why they couldn’t pick up CR or GR.   This is due to their being a hard cap on how many quests you can get.


Ideally you want to keep your quest log as lean as possible.   Dump off any quests you aren’t actively working on. In recent years we did some testing on load times, and we did find that having a full quest log did affect how quickly you load from load screen to load screen, in part due to the fact the game will recalculate distance to all of the quests you currently have active.

With the daily things to do covered, can talk about stuff specifically for Returning Players.

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