Archeage 101 - Section Eighteen: Crime & Infamy

Key Terms in this Section

Crime and Infamy


As I started all the way back at the beginning, Archeage is not a faction based game, Archeage is a game with factions in it.  Anyone who appears on your screen as a green is a member of your Faction (East, West, Pirate Nation, Player Nation)


When it comes to dealing with Reds, do whatever you need to do.  Hurt them, kill them, steal their stuff, whatever. When it comes to dealing with Greens, while you can do all of those things, if you do them, you are going to leave blood stains. Attack a green, leave a small blood stain; kill a green leaving a large blood stain. Steal their crops, trees, animals, etc. leave criminal footprints.


When you accumulate more than 50 Crime Points you become wanted and need to stand trial.  Once wanted, the next time you die in PvP you get transported to your courthouse. You can choose to Plead Guilty and take the time they offer, or you can go to trial and hope your juror takes it easy on you.


Crime vs Infamy


Crime points are what decides when you go on trial.  When you have 50, you go on Trial.


Infamy determines how long you go to jail for if you are found guilty.


After each trial your crime points go to zero, but your infamy accumulates.   


Crime Reduction Quests


There are quests that you can do to reduce your crime and/or infamy points.  There are two in your

Capital City (Marianople/Austera) that take away 20 infamy each, one in Sandeep at Mermaid’ Tear and one in Rookborne Basin at Duskgleam and these take away 30 infamy each.  


One note once you are wanted, even if you reduce your crime points under 50 by doing quests, you still have to stand Trial.

With Crime and Infamy out of the way we will now discuss Daily Things to Do

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