Supporting the Paradox Gaming Network

I want to thank everyone who graciously supports the Paradox Gaming Network.   In 2021 we were able to produce over 100 songs on PGN Music, paying Fiverr Artists and Composers over $8200 as well as raising over $2500 in charity for Rady Children's Hospital / Extra Life.   

I am all about creating ways that help generate income from sponsors, commissions, affiliate programs, without taking money directly from the community members.  Sure, some people like to subscribe on Twitch, make donations, drop bits, etc, but I understand that times are tough and not everyone can do that.  I just want everyone to know that I NEVER EXPECT anything from my community except honesty, having fun, and hanging out.  If I'm doing something you think is a mistake, tell me.  If you aren't having fun with what we are doing, tell me.  If you no longer want to hang out because the content isn't good, then please tell me.

With that said, there are lots of different ways people can support the network at zero ou to of pocket cost to them.  

If you are watching a video, take a few seconds to LIKE the video and leave a comment on it. These two things make a huge difference on the push YouTube does on the video



Hang out and chat when I’m streaming. Not only does that help the numbers, but the chatting helps the show run smoothly.


Also, making Clips of the Show really helps if something is really really good, and we can use that later. Twitter Twitter is a platform I struggle with growing on, but it still is relevant. Even if you have nobody to retweet the Tweets to, liking the tweets and commenting goes a long way.​

Epic Games Store

Use Creator Code JAHLON27 at Checkout


If you ever need to use Fiver and you haven’t already made your account, use this link to save 20% off your first purchase.

Humble Bundle

If you don’t already have a Humble Bundle Account, use this link to create it. Humble is a GREAT place to check for games, software, books, other stuff. I suggest checking out monthly.

Amazon Prime

Speaking of Amazon Prime / Twitch Games, if you don’t already have your account and you want to sign up use this link 

Ashes of Creation

Haven’t signed up for Ashes of Creation yet? Use this link  costs you nothing, but generates money for the slush fund.


PGN Music is now on Spotify.

If you are looking for something to listen to, make sure to favorite our Spotify Channel and listen while you work. Steampunk Dreams (20 songs) Chicago Memories (6 Songs) Coffee Shop Jazz (8 Songs) are all available, with more music coming Soon™ (edited)

Amazon Purchases / Amazon Storefront

If you are going to make a purchase from Amazon, go to the Twitch Channel click on the Amazon Link on the page, and then Shop Normally.

Or you can check out all the books and stuff I have over at my Amazon Storefront