How to Start a YouTube Channel or a Twitch Channel Without Quitting


So, you’ve decided that you want to start being a content creator.  You are going to start making YouTube videos or you are staring up a Twitch channel.  Maybe you hate your job and you want to do this full time, maybe you just want to supplement your income, maybe you just want to have fun. 

It is really important for you to sit down and figure out what your goals are with your content creation before you start, because in the early days of your journey you are going to make some decisions that are going to set you down on specific paths.  Some of those paths you can go back to the start, and others are more permanent.  Either way its important to have a goal for what you want to do with your channel


Goal:  Having Fun

If your goal is to have fun as a content creator than you need very little of the advice I’m going to share.  The reason why is if you are doing this to have fun you can do that in less than 15 minutes of prep time.  Set up your camera, set up your microphone and go start creating.  Maybe you read some of the stuff I present here, maybe you don’t.  If you are 100% sure your goal of having fun is never going to change then go out there and start.  Have fun, take your lumps, graduate from the school of hard knocks, and just go forward with it. 

If, however, you think there is even a chance that your goal might change then you need to consider having a goal that is designed to at least supplement your income if not become your full-time job.

Goal:  Making a Profit

If your goal is to get into Content Creation to make money or to make a living you have to realize a few things.

First, you are starting a business.  You will have to spend a lot of your free time learning about business rules, business law, tax requirements, etc.  This can be both good and bad.   The good part of it is that you will find a lot of your expenses suddenly become tax deductions and write-offs.  The bad part is that you are going to be investing a lot of time into things that aren’t going to help the quality of your content creation, although it will certainly help you steer the future of your Content Creation Career.

Second, you have to face a cold hard reality that 99% of Content Creators never reach the point where they can sustain themselves with their content creation income.  This isn’t because its impossible, or because the system is rigged, or because Twitch sabotages you, or because YouTube stifles you, these are all the excuses that people give when they don’t make it because if they can’t make it, they don’t want to see anyone else make it.  The truth is that 99% of channels fail because the creators behind those channels don’t really have their heart in it.

Like everything else in life, you have to be hungry, you have to hustle, you have to put everything into your dreams.  I talk about this a lot when I talk about motivation.  In fact, I have a video, totally unrelated to Content Creation, but very specifically directed towards motivation that you might want to check out, especially if you aren’t sure if this is going to be for you, or maybe exactly because it is for you and you want to get a kick in the backside to get you going and keep you going.

So, you know the quality of the level of the advice you are getting, I am a content creator with five-years’ experience in YouTubing, three-years’ experience as a Twitch Streamer, I have a background in marketing and project management.  I do not live off of my content creation money, but if I was single, I could just about do this full time and survive, maybe even thrive, but just barely.  Why is that important?  I find it important to tell you that because doing this full time for a living is hard, this is a job.  It’s a fun job, but it is a job, you have to respect it as a job.

Realistic Goals

Regardless if you are going to do this for fun or do this for profit, you need to set realistic goals for your channel’s growth.  I’m going to do a breakout page for YouTube Goals and Twitch Goals separately by platform, but what you need to do when setting goals is make them SMART goals.



When you are setting goals make sure you are setting goals where you set the victory condition not other people.  Don’t set a goal like “I will make Twitch Partner” or “I will get monetized on YouTube” these are bad goals.  They aren’t measurable, they are necessarily attainable, they aren’t timely.   Dig into those goal and break them down.

What does it take to get monetized on YouTube?  1,000 subscribers and 4,000 Watch Hours.
What does it take to make Twitch Partners?  75 Average Views, Stream on 12 Different Days, Stream for 25 hours

Breaking down these goals into their component parts makes a lot more sense when setting a goal; however, as I’m going to talk about in other content you can make people watch your content, you can’t chase subscribers, you need to worry about getting meaningful viewers.  So, when you are getting started, worry about setting realistic goals.   For more information dive into the goal page that is specific to your Content Creation.  

What you do know, what you don’t know, and what you don’t know that you don’t know

Realize you are going to spend a ton of the next few months feeling like you are drinking from a fire-hose.  Pretty much everything you learn is going to be just a part of the subject, and you are going to return to that subject a second time, a fifth time, a tenth time, and even then you aren’t going to understand everything.  

If you are a YouTuber the first thing you are going to head over to Reddit for is to ask “How do I get more viewers?” Which is a fine question until people start telling you that you need to look at your Click-through-Rate (CTR) at your impressions, at your outside sources, at your keywording between your Thumbnail, your Title and your Description.

If you are asking about Twitch you might be asking about having a webcam, or setting up alerts, or setting up donations, and you are going to get a lot of different advice sent right back at you, but it might not all make sense.  Just like I said you are going to spend a lot of time investing in the business side of this, you are going to spend an equal amount of time working on the platform specifics, the technical aspect of production/video editing, and the personality side of being entertaining.  All of these things are skills you need to if not master, at least improve upon if you want to be successful at Content Creation.  


What’s this going to cost me?

So right about now you are thinking to yourself this is going to be one of those websites where its download this PDF, or pay $19.99 for my e-book, or watch something that then tries to convince you into buying something.  Nope, none of that.  This website is just going to be a collection of advice.   You can take the advice, you can ignore the advice, you can read the advice and maybe run with it.  I can promise you there will be none of that.  All the advice I have is free.  No purchase necessary.  

I will try my very best to put everything on this channel in both a text and video format, since I understand people learn in different ways.  If you are a creator, and you run into a problem you need help with you can reach out to me via email:, via Discord (Jahlon#0001) or via the contact form at the bottom of the page.