Getting Started with Content Creation


In most processes there is a clear start and a clear end.  Take baking a cake for example.  You go to the store to buy the ingredients.  You come home; you preheat the oven, you follow the recipe in a precise order (which is a process itself), then you bake the cake.  The cake finishes baking, it cools, then you frost it and if you so desire you decorate it further with extra icing or sprinkles and maybe even candles if it is to serve as a birthday cake.

Obviously, it is not possible to frost the cake before you bake it nor can you put the ingredients in the bowl before you buy them.  There is rather clear order to the steps in the process to the cake baking past-time.

Content Creation is a much different type of process as there is no definitive start nor a definitive end.  Now sure, you must create the channel before you start uploading or streaming to it, but beyond creating the channel; the order you follow to find success will vary from channel to channel.  There is no do this first, then this second, then this third timeline recipe for automatic success.


Instead of trying to lay this material out in a logical order, I am creating each part of this as a stand-alone section.  If you are having a particular issue with a certain topic, then go to the section on that topic and focus on that part of your content creation.  Now, obviously I am going to recommend you take the time to look over all of it as your time allows, because each section is a link in the chain.  As you forge more links your chain gets longer and stronger and capable of doing more things.

Please forgive the jumbled mess this is in for the time being.  It’s a project I try to devote time to as often as I can, but with other projects I have going on, namely my own content creation, sometimes time is a commodity I do not have. 

The last update for this was 9 March 2021.


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