Building a Community

and what your audience does for you

So the big mistake I see new content creators making is that they do not engage with their audience, they do not build a community.  For the four years I have been making content I have made it a commitment to answer every YouTube comment that comes in.  This has not always been easy given the lack of a proper tool to check all unanswered comments, but YouTube has given us some better tools in the new Studio.  I will admit it is a time commitment to answer 100+ comments in a day, but this is what has built my community, and why people come back to my videos.  

Without even asking, my audience shares my content in places that I could never, and often would never, reach.  I have found links to my content in reddit threads as answers to questions when my content is a good answer.  I know gaming guilds that share my videos to their new members.  I mean after all, why reinvent the wheel if there is a premade answer you can link to someone so they can have the answers they need?  I’ve also found my Archeage videos on Russian media and gaming sites.  This is exactly what you want to be happening.  You are producing content so good, other people are sharing it for you.   


My audience has also helped me with generating ideas for content, giving me feedback on the quality of my production (lighting, audio, intros), keeping me motivated when I wanted to throw in the towel.  Cultivate your relationship with your audience.  It will grow your channel more effectively than just trying to collect subscribers who never actually click or view anything.