From Runescape Creator Andrew Gower Brighter Shores

Game Overview

Brighter Shores is a new game in development from Andrew Gower, an award-winning MMORPG designer best known for his work on Runescape. Developed as a room-based point-and-click style RPG with hundreds of hours of gameplay, Gower’s goal is to develop a game where there is always something new right around the corner. Your character is the newest recruit in the town guard of a place called Hopeport, and your goal is to make a name for yourself. The story begins with you realizing you may have bitten off more than you can chew as a storm begins to rage over the harbor and the town is threatened due to unrest from the local goblin population.


Brighter shores will launch on Steam and is going to be following a free-to-play with optional premium pass monetization model where the subscription to the premium pass does not automatically renew, you will choose whether you want to renew it. One key feature that will be locked behind the premium pass will be player to player trading. Additionally, two chapters and some of the professions will be locked as well. If this is something you want to leave a comment on, you can click on the YouTube video to your upper right and leave a comment on that video or of course you can visit the Brighter Shores Reddit and leave a comment there as well.

Brighter Shores Monetization


Brighter Shores is intending to have three classes: Crykinight, Guardian, or Hammermage.

Brighter Shores Classes


Brighter Shores intends to have a diverse range of professions including:

  • Alchemy
  • Blacksmith
  • Chef
  • Fisher
  • Forager
  • Merchant
  • Miner
  • Stonemason
  • Woodcutter

We do know that some professions will be locked behind the premium pass

Brighter Shores Professions

Room to Room World

One thing about Brighter Shores that might catch people off guard is the game isn't an open world game. Instead, it is meant to more resemble a table-top experience and the players will move room to room. Andrew Gower recently released a video showing this off which I incorporated into the video on the right if you want to see how the movement through the world will look.