Brand New Account, Brand New Brand, Brand New You


When talking about content creation I always like to share the mistakes that I made with people, and the biggest mistake I made was not creating a brand-new account for my content creation.  When I first got started, I was using just my regular email account and everything was integrated into that.  That worked fine until I realized I had actually started a small business and now everything was starting to get blurred.  Where did my stuff as an individual end and where did the stuff that belong to the business begin?

Without diving too far into legal stuff, I want to introduce you to a phrase called “piercing the corporate veil”.  Remember in the For Fun or Profit section I said you were starting a business?  Well, you are!  As soon as there is income involved, you have a business.  Do you want your personal wealth to be intermingled with your company’s wealth?  That’s a trick question, the answer is no.  You want clear boundaries.

Now I’m not going to teach you how to do an LLC, a Limited Partnership, a S-Corp or a C-Corp for your content creation.  I am not quailed to help you with those steps and you should contact an expert to that for you.  What I will tell you, is the same thing they are going to tell you. 

One of the easiest ways to keep clear boundaries is to have a separate email address that your YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Steam (for business purchased games), DLive, Patreon, everything social media you are going to use for your business is attached to.  That way, as you grow there is no mistake as to what is the business and what is yours.  This also helps you establish your PayPal for business, (which you 100% should).  This also helps put you in the right mind frame when you are answering emails.   You are in your personal email account, then you can take on a personal tone.  You are in your content creator account, then put on your content creator hat and answer accordingly.


This also ties in directly with the Importance of Your Name page that I have detailed out, which will go into some of the more marketing/branding issues, but here are just to real quick ones why you want to create that Brand New You. 




            Is it a pain to have two separate Steam accounts?  Absolutely, however, say you are making a little bit of money in your content creation and you decide you want to buy that $49.99 game to review on your Stream.  You buy it with company money and you put it in your personal Steam account.  You just committed a no-non.  Now you have to pay personal income tax for compensation, since what is the company’s money is the company’s.  Instead, if the company has its own Steam account, when you buy the game for evaluation, media, promotional reasons and put it into the company’s Steam account it remains the company’s asset.  There is no blurring of lines or piercing of veils here.   



            Having a Twitter as a content creator is a good way to get some additional coverage and some shout-outs from game developers, product makers, personalities, etc.  The problem is you have to know your audience.  If you are like me, you like to respond to political stuff.  Good for your personal Twitter account, bad for your brand account.  Since you already went through the process of creating a new email account for your brand, create a new Twitter account for your brand as well.  This way you can let the company/brand have a voice on Twitter that is separate from your own.