Biography - Jahlon

Jahlon is a 20+ year veteran of MMORPGs and a 35+ year veteran of video gaming.  Starting off with a ColecoVision at age 3, he took to video games like a duck takes to water and never looked back.  From the ColecoVision he went to Nintendo, then Sega Genesis, SNES, then Playstation, mainly following the Final Fantasy Series around wherever Square took their products.  He finally settled down as a PC gamer in the early 2000s and has been focusing on MMOs ever since.  

Entering college at 16, Jahlon took some time off from gaming in order to complete his undergraduate degrees in History and Political Science in 2000 and then a Master's Degree in Education.  With his graduate degree completed, he found that his life had time to engage in a little bit of recreational gaming, and what better to game than playing some online games in the Everquest and Ragnarok Online era?

Things were going well in life, until September 11, 2001 when he was teaching 7th Grade Social Studies.  While he and his students were watching the news live, they witnessed the footage of the airplane hitting the second World Trade Tower.  His life took a radical turn on that day, and very shortly after he was enlisted in the United States Air Force.

Going the enlisted route, he ended up being assigned as a 4A2x1 (Biomedical Equipment Technician).  While he was enlisted he completed his degree in Electrical Engineering - Biomedical Technology and attained the rank of Technical Sergeant (E-6).  Through a series of fortunate events and due to his expertise in Continuous Process Improvement/Lean Logistics he was identified by his commanding officer as a natural choice to attend Officer Training School. 


After OTS, Jahlon attained the rank of Captain prior to having his military career cut short due to a pair of shoulder surgeries that left him unable to properly use his left hand.  With minimal use of his left hand, his gaming style changed and his moniker of "The Legendary Clicker" was born.  The limited use of his left hand has not stopped him from enjoying gaming and he has learned to adapt and overcome. 

Since his retirement, Jahlon has formed the Paradox Gaming Network, a community of gamers that are dedicated to the improvement of MMORPGs as a genre.  Recently, the Paradox Gaming Network has been Incorporated in the state of Illinois and is a C-Corporation with a focus on marketing and advertising both small indie game as well as the promotion of small content creators. 


PGNI works with a couple of small studios (Quazer Studios on Valar and Ninja Loot Games on their game Defend the Night).  These partnerships have shown how much more detailed a game can become when testers from outside the company are involved at the very beginning and how what developers think the players want isn't always exactly what the players really want.   

Despite being a YouTube channel of under 12,100 subscribers and a Twitch Channel of under 4,000 followers, the Paradox Gaming Network has earned some major accolades since 2018 having been featured by Massively Overpowered twice, once for calling out Trion Worlds for their pay-to-win practices and again for the first major showcasing of Ashes of Creation.   Additionally, he has been recognized by Woovit for his game review work.  

The Paradox Gaming Network is more than just a collection of gamers, and if you ever need help with life, the universe, anything from resumes to college applications do not be afraid to approach Jahlon on discord for assistance.  To him, being the voice of 50,000 gamers is important, but helping one gamer at a time is what matters.  

Jahlon aka J

The Legendary Clicker / Papa J


Coffee:  Caramel Macchiato / non-fat

Soda: Quit Soda in 2019

Snack: Smartfoods White Cheddar Popcorn

Meal: Fried Chicken from the Farm

Music: Nightcore or 2 Steps from Hell

Game:  Final Fantasy (any of them)

MMORPG:  Final Fantasy XI

Class:  Healer

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