Archeage 101-Section Twelve: Arenas

Key Terms in this Section



Arenas used to be a place to earn honor, but since the 4.0 change now we earn Kyrios Medals in the arena instead.  What this has done is created a separate currency that requires participation in the arenas in order to obtain completion.  There are two main things to be acquired in the Arena Shop: The Turtle Boat at 10,000 Medals and the various Titles. If you are short on cash and honor and need to do stat migrations you can also get these from the Arena shop, but my advice is to save the badges for the titles.


The trick to getting done with your Kyrios medal collecting faster is to place in the top rankings each month.   You get bonus Kyrios medals by being ranked, and obviously the higher your rank, the better your reward.



As it is right now we have the following Areas.


Naval Arena: Blood Salt Bay


I already have a video on Blood Salt Bay, so I’m probably not going to do much with it other than link it here.


For a quick text explanation:  The Naval Arena is the best way to earn bulk Kyrios Medals, as long as you are on winning teams.  You earn 25 Medals for a win here, which far exceeds the medals you will get anywhere else. The problem is, if you are on losing teams, you invest a lot of time into the match.  


Free for All:


There is a free-for-all arena that can be quite entertaining as long as people aren’t teaming.  Up to 12 people can fight in the arena, and six are needed to start the match. The match is pretty much what you would expect, it is a Free-for-all, except that not only can you kill each other, every so often there are mini-bosses that appear in the three side rooms.  Killing them also gives you points on the board.


You need to be one of the top 4 people in the match to be considered a “winner”


Balanced One vs One:


When you drop into Balanced 1 vs 1 you will lose all your buffs, your gear, your specific gear, everything.  You will get to pick your Armor (Plate, Cloth, Leather) weapons (2 hander, dual wield, weapon and shield) and style (melee, ranger, mage, healer)  from a set of preformed templates.


Now, one thing to know about when it comes to Balanced 1v1.  Sometimes you end up joining the match after the person you are fighting has already joined.   When you drop in, they are going to be able to see what spec you are, and they can change their armor to counter you.  Unfortunately, this is due to loading times, lag, deliberate shenanigans. There is nothing you can do about it.


Unbalanced One vs One:


You drop into the arena, and you fight one person, but you use your own gear.   


Drill Camp (10 vs 10)

Drill camp is back as of the 5.1 patch.

Halcy War:

The Halcy war is now an arena that occurs twice per day.  I can't speak about it at this time as I have yet to engage in one.

With Arenas covered, we will now discuss Vehicles.

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