Archeage 101-Section Eleven: Title System

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Title System


There is a very intricate and detailed title system in Archeage.  Elorin wrote up a brilliant Title Guide years ago.  


This particular title system got introduced in 4.0.  Way back then I told people to start working on their t

title accumulation because eventually something would come of the system.  In 5.0 we finally got the buff that goes along with title rank, so I did a temporary video to stand in for the titles in 5.0.


Title Level Buff


There are currently 5 Title Levels that you can get.  At Title Level 1 you get the following bonuses

3% Loot Drop Rate

3% XP

3% Health Regen Effect of Healing Potions


And then at each level above level 1 you get +1% to all.  So at Level 4 it would be +6% to all.


Earning Titles


The easiest way to earn titles, or to figure out which titles there are to earn is by going into your

character sheet and clicking on the cog next to Title.  This will pop the entire list of all possible titles. Now to make progress through titles you can reference the XP list provided in the Title Guide by Elorin, or you can just push through all possible titles you can get your hands on.


The following is a list of some easy to obtain titles.


Killboards/Zone Hunter


I cover this in the temporary video and I will update it again, for the new rebooted Archeage 101 video series, but for the time being the temporary video will suffice on this topic.  The short of it is you run around in each zone and you do all the killboard quests or the purchased quests in the community centers of contested zones.  When you have done 45 quests in a zone you get a title.


Crafting Titles


The crafting titles segment of the video is still accurate.  The short of it is when you reach 50,000, 180,000 and 230,000 proficiency you get a title.


Kyrios Medal Titles


These used to be referred to as honor titles, but since they are acquired via Kyrios Medals that name doesn’t fit.  The titles are pretty quick to accumulate the first several. The first several titles will cost you 20/30/50/80/120 badges.  That’s a pick up of 2 Basic, 2 Grand and a Rare Title for 400 Kyrios Badges.

With the Title System covered, can move on to Arenas.

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